Holby City: No flies on Darwin

kian jac holby 18(Series 21, ep. 18 ‘Vinegar and Honey’ by Ed Sellek 30.4.19) For a full review of this week’s episode please bob over to Metro (the home of top quality soaps coverage). But first…

– The episode was called ‘Vinegar and Honey’ because Fletch told Jac ‘You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.’ I loved Jac’s reply: ‘Why would I want flies?’

– So Kian is the cousin of Marty in the ED. I wonder whether we’ll see Kian summoned to a Casualty crossover one day? It would be even nicer if Marty was there – he hasn’t been seen in a while.

– I understood Ange’s explanation of why Chloe would be devastated to find out Dominic is her brother while she was saying it, but looking back I’m not sure I agree with her now. What do you think?

– Dominic is getting quite obsessive though. When he told Ange ‘You don’t get to abandon me again,’ it sounded borderline threatening – not in a scary way, but in a very needy way. He isn’t a character whose emotions you can just dabble with, as Ange is finding out.

– I knew all wasn’t well in Scary Sue’s romantic life. Bless her.


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7 responses to “Holby City: No flies on Darwin

  1. Chloe Leanne Derbyshire

    I don’t get it… I think she’s gonna be more naffed off when she eventually finds out, and then finds out that Ange deliberately tried to keep it from her. I think she’s just trying to protect her, but seems to be forgetting that they all work in a hospital where it’s impossible to keep secrets…That said, I don’t know how that would be protecting her, unless there’s something wrong with Chloe that means she doesn’t take surprises very well, but even then, like I said, particularly at Holby coming clean sooner would be better… That’s not to mention the fact that Dom’s clearly struggling to hold it in, he’s gonna have to tell someone eventually before he breaks, then it will start travelling round the hospital like wildfire… I dunno, it confuses me…

  2. Amaryllis

    I agree, I initially thought I understood Ange’s reasoning but having re-watched it I’m more than a little confused. Unlike many I’m not averse to this storyline, I think it explains a lot about Dom, but that really didn’t make sense to me. I think he’s overreacted, although I know it’s a big thing to adjust to and Dom does tend to overreact but I am very interested to see how Chloe reacts. Was Ange right about her or was she just being over-protective?!

  3. Geoff

    I didn’t understand Ange’s reasoning at all — in fact, it seemed backward to me. Why should Chloe feel hurt because she was the one that her mother kept?

  4. She was pissed off Carol hadn’t told Dom that he was adopted, so what has telling him achieved – except give script writers something to work with 😜😜

  5. thebigmart

    Where is Lofty supposed to be? I would have thought he would have been one of the first that Dom would talk to.

  6. thebigmart

    Thanks for reminding me, Sue.