Holby City: Behind the eyes

kian 2 holby 17(Series 21, ep. 17 ‘Pleased to Meet You’ by Ed Sellek 23.4.19) For my full (and rather long) review of this brilliant episode, head over to Metro. But first…

– I’ve not always been the greatest fan of Nicky as a character, but she absolutely stole the episode for me with her breathless fan-girly appreciation of Kian. Even when she was in the background she was giving him admiring little glances. It was really funny and well done.

– Talking of funny, I love Ed Sellek’s episodes. He’s the man who gave us Hanssen with a theremin, as I’ll never cease to keep reminding you because it was genius.

– And Scary Sue! She’s absolutely brilliant. I loved her comment about London making her bogies black. It’s such a northern thing to say (I speak as a northerner who lives in London). The genius of Sue’s character is that she has this ‘scary’ reputation but she’s ever so vulnerable and sad really, and I like that Donna recognised that about her.

– It was a good debut for Kian. He’s like a Mills and Boon fantasy doctor come to life with his tattooed hunkiness, but he’s got an air of danger and secrets around him that makes him quite interesting.

– Dominic was being really horrible to Carole and I could have slapped him at various points, but David Ames lets you see everything play out in Dominic’s eyes – the emotions of the moment are on his face, but his eyes tell you how he really feels inside and he is hurting.

– Julia Deakin and Dawn Steele are also being brilliant in this storyline and even though I still wish it hadn’t happened, it’s bringing some ninja level drama out, which I suppose is the entire point.

– Though when is Chloe going to get her chance to start emoting like everybody else? It must come soon.

– I’m glad Dom’s father was just a nice boy who liked Wham! and had a look of John Taylor from Duran Duran, rather than something sinister or icky. Such as looking like Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.


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10 responses to “Holby City: Behind the eyes

  1. Tony Barnfield

    Sue, Rather too many scenes beginning “Hey!” in last night’s episode. Tony

    • Nice to hear from you, Tony! I didn’t notice the “Hey!” moments – but now you’ve mentioned it they’re going to jump out at me every time. On Coronation Street there are a lot of characters who start every piece of dialogue with “Errr…” and that grates on me!

  2. Wendy

    I’m sorry to say but I’m finding the adoption story irritating and almost turned it off.
    I’m not agreeing that the acting is great. Too much starring into the distance.
    Why has Ange got to be constantly by Dom’s side and walking out with him at the end takes tactless to a whole new level.
    Of course in my eyes Carole can do no wrong although working at Holby is a bit iffy. But it helps the story. Script needs must !
    We know from the trailer things are likely to get worse for Dom but what a shame David Ames can’t put his skills into that development rather than this nonsense.
    Please could you clarify for me Sue, I thought Chloe was employed for Darwin not to be her continually with Ange or Dom ?

    Moan over 😆

    • The script keeps finding ways for Chloe to be on the YAU (someone has a heart problem that requires her expertise usually) – but I agree, it doesn’t feel like she’s really attached to Darwin.

  3. Wendy

    Is there a problem with posting comments as I did one 22 hours ago and after awaiting moderation notification was displayed the post has disappeared?
    Previously my posts have appeared a few hours after submitting and if remembering correctly the awaiting moderation notification has remained visible.
    Thanks for any suggestions

  4. Wendy

    Thanks Sue
    The post appeared just after I posted the query so I was a bit premature in asking.
    Thanks for the enjoyable reviews

  5. Russian Chicken

    Is the new doctor supposed to be an American?