Holby City: He’s not your baby, he’s mine

carole holby 13(Series 21, ep. 13 ‘Running’ by Tony Higgins 26.3.19) Pop over to Metro for a full review of the episode. But first…

– I’ve already said on Metro that I’m not keen on the Ange/Dominic storyline. Possibly it’s in large part because I still haven’t warmed to Ange as a character and anything that upsets the glorious Carole Copeland is not fine with me at all. I should wait to see how the drama plays out in the coming weeks, I suppose. Am I just letting my fondness for Carole get in the way of a jolly good plot development?

– In another upsetting plot development, it seems that Frieda has gone again. She’s taken the obligatory box of whatever she keeps in her locker, and Gary the dog, and gone off to do Good Works. I hope it’s not long before she’s back again, because there is no character like her and she’ll be missed. And she’s left a load of boxing stuff in the basement.

– I was amused by Zav calling Cameron ‘Silver Spoon.’ If only he’d met Joseph Byrne, son of Lord and Lady Byrne… (Sorry, I wandered off into a Joseph-based daydream there. I’m back now). I still want the old Cameron back, though – the one who was good enough for Morven to fall in love with.

– Frieda and Ange both had their radio alarms tuned in to the same station. Even if Holby FM is the only station destination on the Holby dial this would not happen. Unless Frieda was listening to T’Pau ironically.

– It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Sacha was back and he’s all better. Hurrah!


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8 responses to “Holby City: He’s not your baby, he’s mine

  1. Valerie Bayliss

    I too hate the Dominic storyline, but what really winds me up is if she had Dom at 14 how on earth old is Chloe? She’s a specialist registrar so 7 years training plus 5 years specialist training – 18 + 12 = 30 so she had Chloe at 16? And that’s being generous. Come on SW’s we can suspend disbelief, but really?

  2. Wendy

    I also agree about the Ange/Carole storyline and if it has to happen it should be when Ange had been around longer.
    Finding Ange character irritating

  3. thebigmart

    Obviously Dom is going to find out / be told eventually. (The storyline is normally something that Corrie or E’Enders do, the ‘long-lost’). How will Chloe react when she finds out that she has a brother.

    Do we know Choloe’s father and would it be the same father as Dom?

  4. Thunderchild

    Gutted Freida has gone but it’s not surprising given that she hasn’t really been given much to do since she returned. It’s a pity the writers don’t seem to be interested in anyone other than Dom these days, this story just seems a really desperate attempt at keeping him at the forefront. For me though when your resorting to far fetched rubbish like this maybe it’s time to write the character out?

    • Paul

      Sorry, are you saying that the “far fetched rubbish” is the way Freida was written out, with a lorry full of Legionnaire’s Disease sufferers turning up and she ends up treating them in the basement? Or was it something else you meant?

  5. holbybunners

    Frieda leaving ..

    Noooooo …

    Angie Dom’s mum ?


    .. The world is going mad ..

    (Wonders off .. Muttering ..)