Holby City x Casualty: So much to enjoy

For a full review of both episodes head over to Metro. But first, it’s random thoughts time…

Well that was all very exciting, wasn’t it? I think the thing I enjoyed the most about the crossover episodes was seeing unfamiliar combinations of familiar characters. Dylan working with Serena was a highlight and I really want Dylan to be lured to Elstree as soon as possible. They have a Lidl really close to the studios – I think anyone would be tempted.

Other things I enjoyed:

Hanssen walking along the corridors with a torch. Finally we’ve discovered the only way to stop him looming is to put lights on him so you can see him coming.

– Zosia’s comment ‘Wouldn’t be Holby without a crisis.’ Indeed not.

– The guilty/delicious feeling of listening to Ric having a go at Sacha about his parenting skills (when he thought Beka might be pregnant) when we knew Ric was going to have to take a close look at his own family very soon.

The evil electronic door locks that kept Connie out of her trauma theatre and locked Essie and Beka into the CT room. It was like the hospital had a mind of its own. Evil!

Elle and Ric. It’s about time Ric walked down the aisle again and I like Elle a lot more than I like that Francoise.

Sacha’s favourite shirt had to be ripped! I expect by next week Jac will have sourced him another one, because she’s good like that.

– Ange seriously deep-down thinking that the entire scenario was just an elaborate ruse to get her off the Holly Cartwright case.

– Jac pretends to be all head and no heart, but as soon as Sacha is in peril she’s fighting Connie tooth and claw. And Connie gave as good as she got.

– The touching scene between Essie and Beka.

Noel coming clean to Hanssen about clicking the link and the email, and hearing that Hanssen really had nominated him for an award.

And now we’ve got the spring trailer to watch as well! Some interesting-looking new characters, and the return of some old faces – including a total shock at the end…


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12 responses to “Holby City x Casualty: So much to enjoy

  1. mrssatan

    I loved the final scene between HH and Serena… call it Tuesday ❤️

  2. Alison Hodgkinson

    Noooooo total shock at the end was not enough warning! Just gasped out loud in middle of the office.

  3. Pat Doohan

    Great review of a brilliant crossover – thanks Sue. I’ve seen the spring trailer and everything looks very interesting. Wasn’t too keen on the shock at the end though!

  4. thebigmart

    I was wondering which studios the programme was recorded. I presume the ‘Casualty bits’ as usual in welsh Wales, and the ‘Holby bits’ in Elstree. However, the scenes where you had a character from each show together, eg Dylan and Serena , I suspect would have been filmed in Elstree as they were, I think all, Holby sets and therefore it would have been expensive to recreate them elsewhere.

    One would have thought electronic doors would operate a fail-safe operation, inasmuch as the power goes off then they should open.

    • Martin

      Yes – I wondered about the doors. Fire – power cut – doors lock so no-one can get out. Brilliant. Do they really work like that in real life?

  5. Thunderchild

    Really enjoyed it all but for me it did highlight how much stronger Holby is compared to Casualty. I thought it was ironic that the actor playing Noel had to travel all the way to Elstree to finally get something meaningful to do. I’d also nominate Elle for a transfer to the wards – she had really good chemistry with Ric.

    I enjoyed Connie and Jac sniping at each other and Connie realising she’s not the top dog anymore. For the sake of diversity though I’d still like to see Connie clashing with Serena.

    I might also be very slow on the uptake here but since when has AAU been on the ground floor?!?! I always thought it was at least on the first floor but Ric and Sacha clearly walked out the main entrance area where Pulses is straight into the AAU corridor . I’ve never noticed this before. If this has always been the case then do they always say “we have a patient coming UP from the ED”? And when people arrive in AAU by the lift does that mean they’ve actually come up from the basement? I think I need to see a floorplan!

    • I have a floorplan, given to me by production designer George Kyriakides for the Holby book. AAU is clearly on the ground floor. It’s not clear where the ED is supposed to be, though, as this map was just for the Holby directors to use. I imagine it’s a sort of lower ground floor level?

      • Thunderchild

        I guess the lift between AAU and the ED is more Willy Wonka’s Glass Elevator in that it flies all the way from Elstree to Cardiff!

  6. Laura

    Loved both episodes. Although I did think once Essie collapsed at this rate there will be no staff. I loved the Jac\Connie spat. Connie looked very pensive and quite sad at the end. I did wonder whether she missed being a CT surgeon? Loved the Sacha and Jac dynamic as ever. Ric’s attitude annoyed me, but he did redeem himself

    Finally the end of that trailer, I wasn’t expecting that!

    • Paul

      Ric’s attitude annoyed me, but Sue seems to have been quite pleased because it allowed the thought of him having to eat his words when he found out that the test was Darla’s

      For me, it felt far too similar to the last time Ric lost his temper with Sacha, when his depression led to him going up to the roof, and Ric’s shoutiness did no good at all – even then, I thought that it was a bit out of character for Ric to do that, and had been put in to increase the drama – I felt the same about this outburst, plus I thought that having made the mistake of shouting at Sacha once not so long ago he’d be a bit more circumspect about making the same mistake again.

      For me, it’s fine for Ric to lose his temper about NHS failures not being good enough (as we saw a couple of weeks ago) – I love his righteous anger on behalf of an institution that he loves and thinks is being undermined. But please, tone him down when he’s shouting at his friends and colleagues for personal reasons…

  7. holbybunners

    Hello folks .. Just back from my own hospital(s) experience
    With surgery followed by norovirus .. Whoops!

    I have therefore only just caught up with recent storylines and I too
    Have enjoyed rivalries and spats.

    I’ve not had the courage to look at the trailer – I’ve had enough shocks for the present thank you!

    Thanks again Sue for great reviews ..