Casualty X Holby City: Only half way through the roller coaster ride

(Casualty series 33, ep. 26 by Michelle Lipton 2.3.19) I’ve reviewed Saturday’s Casualty/Holby City crossover at Metro, so pop over there. If you didn’t see it but you do watch Holby, you’ll possibly want to catch up on the story so far because tomorrow’s Holby is a direct continuation of the same story.

If you are a non-Casualty-watching Holby fan who saw Saturday’s episode I’d be interested to know what you thought about how well the two shows were brought together. For example did all the business about Iain have as much impact if you weren’t aware of his story so far?

Saturday was just the start. It all gets even more dramatic tomorrow! Keep an eye out for my recap and a few spoilers (that won’t spoil your viewing fun) in Metro tomorrow morning.


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4 responses to “Casualty X Holby City: Only half way through the roller coaster ride

  1. Connie I got a question to ask u why didn’t u listen to ruby than listening to gemma his sister ruby told u it look like he wanted to end is life but couldn’t find the tablets so she went back and found them and u still didn’t think he took them believing his sister and if she realise before he done it he ask her for her spare keys so he wouldn’t been found

    • Connie could only treat Iain for overdose after she knew what specific drug Iain had taken (otherwise she might have done the wrong thing and made it worse). She ordered a tox screen to see what drugs were in his blood, but there was a problem at the lab so she didn’t get the results. She had to treat the symptoms Iain was showing, which looked like a heart problem. When Ruby brought the pill bottles back Connie knew what they were dealing with.

  2. Paul

    I think you’re right – I had no idea who Iain was, or why he’d decided to take those pills. Although I did get the idea of the story that his colleague knew that he’d been going through a hard time, while his sister was deluding herself that there was no problem.

    Actually, I found myself wondering what had happened to the stories from Holby last week which I thought were being set up to be part of the crisis – the bloke who had a bit of his gut removed which has to be kept alive and then put back in – well, presumably he’ll have more to deal with than just that piece of his gut going off, given that his surgeon will be having an operation too!

    i liked the crisis, but I also found myself wondering why a computer virus would lead to a power shut down. And I got annoyed with Connie who seemed to be using the crisis as an excuse to throw her weight around and argue with Jac Naylor (I presume that as a non-Casualty viewer I have missed some of the backstory reasons why Connie has a problem with the other Doctor in A&E who to my mind was behaving with admirable professionalism in a tough situation)

  3. Jayne Lockwood

    As a Holby City (but not a Casualty) viewer, I knew I would have to play a bit of catch up with the various story threads, but I didn’t mind because it was great to see Holby characters interacting with the Casualty ones. Although I don’t know Iain’s full story, it was a potential suicide in peril so the action was still tense, coupled with Sacha’s accident. I knew it would focus mainly on Casualty just as tomorrow it will focus mainly on Holby City. I’m more invested in the HC characters but it was still a great watch.

    One thing though, if one inadvertently clicked email is all it takes to shut down an entire hospital and imperil lives, we’re all screwed…

    And another, I didn’t think Jac behaved very professionally. Would she really lose precious time scoring points? Maybe at one time but not now. Also, it’s a pity that two strong women can’t work as a team, rather than being at loggerheads. It’s a bit of a tired trope, TBH but I don’t know the whole story so….

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