Holby City: So sad for Frieda

(Series 21, ep. 4 ‘A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All’ by Isla Gray 22.1.19) For my full review of this episode head over to Metro. But a couple of things before you go…

– I felt so sorry for Frieda, because I could really believe in her and Roman as a couple. Not least because of the beautiful way she says his name. I had to google about opening the window to let his soul out, to check it was really a thing, but somehow I knew from the way she did it that it is a thing. It’s a very beautiful thing, I think. I’m glad that at least before Roman died he had a chance to show Frieda that he really was the man she’d always loved.

– Now I want to talk about the decor in the YAU (Yow!). First of all, where did the cash-strapped NHS find the money for all that etched glass and whatnot? And secondly, isn’t a bit patronising to think the young adults need surrounding with the bright colours and cartoony shapes of play school?

– And why isn’t anybody (Sacha?) kicking up a fuss about having half of Keller carved off for the YAU?

– I’m not really getting the Foetus/Fauntleroy rivalry. One minute they’re friends(ish – going to karaoke together at least), the next minute they aren’t. For Nicky it’s a bit of a replay of what she went through with Meena.

– Mia is very amusing. She talks like an adult, but in a believable way. I really like the Mia/Donna/Zav combo.

– And for anyone who would like to know more about Pathological Demand Avoidance (as seen in the Ellen/Ange storyline) there’s a useful website here.


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4 responses to “Holby City: So sad for Frieda

  1. Nicky is a friendly person who likes to be helpful. Like Meena, Cameron doesn’t know how to be a friend and thinks it is all about competing, so exploits her 😦

  2. That bar bill irritates me. Firstly the person serving Cameron with all those drinks knew who s/he was serving so I can’t see why they would have given Nicky the bill. Secondly, how many of us would just take responsibility for someone else’s huge bill? I would have either pointed him out to the bar person, or gone over and interrupted him to tell him that his bill was waiting. Judging from the number of shot glasses on that tray that had to be a massive bill, who would take that on? This is the NHS, they’re not paid silly money!

  3. Paul Hammond

    And this is supposed to be Cameron making up for being a wally during the day? I mean, i don’t buy that Cameron cares all that much about Roman, given that he doesn’t actually know Frieda at all, whereas Nicki used to live with her, but still, his death was supposed to be the realisation that there were more important things.

    Also, I don’t recall that Cameron was such a selfish idiot previously, when his mother was around on the ward, and he was seen as a legitimate love interest for Morven.

    Loved the fact that Jason knew Ellie and had made an effort to try to help her before, but that Ange was oblivious to all this when he first saw her in the YAW!

    btw – I’m predicting that Foetus and Fontleroy is supposed to be the new love story on Darwin, given the way everything so far is seeming like the classic set-up for a rom-com.

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