Holby City: All the festive feels

Apologies for this short and un-illustrated post. It’s Twixmas and I’m not opening my laptop for any reason.

Luckily there’s a proper Holby review over at Metro as usual, so pop over there for my thoughts on this festive episode, which came complete with a couple of pretend Santas, Mr T as an elf, and Alex Walkinshaw completely knocking it out of the park.

Holby City review with spoilers: Love for Xavier, heartbreak for Fletch at Christmas


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2 responses to “Holby City: All the festive feels

  1. thebigmart

    Sorry this episode didn’t ‘do it’ for me. Too much relationship drama – it could have been anywhere, it just happened to be Holby City Hospital. I much prefer the medical side, patients etc.

  2. Paul Hammond

    I thought this one was great, while the new year one left me a bit cold.

    For this Christmas one we had the culmination of the story between Fletch and his dad, which has been set up throughout the current season. And even though I figured out that the “young enough to be his daughter” other women that caused the break-up between Steven and his other family would turn out to be his actual grand-daughter Evie, it was great to see. As you can see, I’m invested in this story, and as Sue has mentioned previously the guy who plays Fletch is really a good actor, so any storyline putting him centre stage is going to play well.

    By contrast, the New Year one introduced someone that I’ve forgotten (Connie’s friend and Jac’s rival) and Tom Campbell-Gore, whose appearance appears to be a teaser for another comeback later. But apart from the sheer joy of Sacha being forced into the cramped back seat of Ric’s “one-episode only” sports car while subjecting Ric and Jac to various sing-alongs to his incredibly eclectic mix-tape, I didn’t like much of the rest of it. Some nice moments between Serena and Jason, but I spent much of that storyline veering between horrified that they could even think of having Gretta die just a couple of weeks after marrying Jason and totally not believing that they could do that in a “festive” episode that it rather spoiled it.

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