Holby City: The race to save Jac

(Series 20, ep. 47 ‘One of Us’ by Katie Douglas 20.11.18) Please pop over to Metro to have a look at my full review/recap of the episode, but before you go here are a few more thoughts.

– Sacha and Fletch, eh? If you ever wanted a sign that Jac Naylor is deep down a lovely, lovely person, you need only look at the amount of love for her shown by these two men. Absolutely adorable.

– And, talking of adorable – Mo Effanga. Casualty fans may recall after paramedic Jeff died and the ED staff were finding it hard to cope, Connie Beauchamp got Dr Zoe Hanna to come back, because what was needed was a people person with heart, warmth and compassion. That’s what we have in Mo. She’s the anti-Gaskell, sent to soothe us and make us smile and I couldn’t have been more pleased to see her.

– I also loved seeing Selfie, which isn’t a sentence that at one point I could have imagined saying, but there you go. John Michie played this episode perfectly, with Selfie fully aware of his own tarnished reputation, a slightly more humble and self-aware person but still (thankfully) confident in his skills.

– You have to wonder how Hanssen is holding himself together after everything that he’s been through. He truly is made of the finest Swedish steel.

– Donna and Zav really are a very lovely couple. I like how he’s like a snail who gets back in his shell whenever life gets too tricky or things get too personal, but Donna is nothing if not persistent. And she has a smile you’d have to be Gaskell to resist.

– Word of the day: ‘flirtingship.’

– Holby book news: There are hardly any left anywhere now. Thank you to everyone who bought one and especially everyone who got in touch or left reviews – I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading it and that it did justice to the brilliant work the people at Holby City do every week. For those who didn’t manage to get a copy yet, SilverWood books might still have a couple, but otherwise your best bet is to get it in ebook form (Kindle, Nook or Kobo).


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10 responses to “Holby City: The race to save Jac

  1. Alison Hodgkinson

    Finally got round to buying the book! Thanks for the tip where to get it 🙂

  2. Selfie comes back and saves Jac by melting away the neo-conduit, but it was in there long enough so she wasn’t paralysed any more. So why don’t they just put the thing in people and then melt it once it’s done the work?

  3. Thunderchild

    I realise it didn’t fit the plot but for continuity purposes I think the episode really needed a line in the script explaining why Fletch couldn’t draft in Connie Beauchamp to help out.

  4. More unlicensed treatments being used on humans … all not good. Someone’s got to go and I’m assuming it’s Hansen.
    I’m glad Jac’s not karked it though.

    • Thunderchild

      Given he was responsbile for bringing Gaskell to Holby (and the fact his own son went on a murdering rampage) you couldn’t blame the board for questioning his judgement as CEO. Perhaps Ric (fresh from a spell in prison) could take over?

  5. thebigmart

    I just thought it was amazing that Jac came out of unconciousness and a major surgical operation. Almost immediately she was conversing as if she had just had a little nap!

  6. Andrew P

    What an episode! Agree great to see Selfie and Mo back, thought their reintroductions worked really well.

    As Gaetulicus said, it does look like there is potential in this treatment – but if there is any good still to be done (as Hansen’s comments to the body of Gaskell suggest there might be) the work will be so tarnished that no-one will go near it. Unless, perhaps, that person already has a tarnished reputation and a predilection for the spotlight…such as Guy Self?

    Also, congrats on the book sales, and I enjoyed a ‘crossing the streams’ moment when you mentioned SilverWood books, as my first job was working in the original SilverDell bookshopw with Elaine Silverwood!

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