Holby City: People are dead! People are in agony!

Holby City Series 20 - Ep46(Series 20, ep. 46 ‘Report to the Mirror, Part Two’ by Andy Bayliss 13.11.18) This week’s review is over at Metro as usual. A few additional thoughts:

– This episode went total body-horror, with Jac having the awful and full knowledge that to get the dreaded implant out of her she had to place her life in the hands of a man she knew she couldn’t trust at all. It’s scary enough having surgery when you know the surgeon is sane and competent and has your best interests at heart, but Gaskell? Yikes. And you could see all of that playing across Jac’s face coupled with the absolute determination that she had no alternative.

– The sight of Lana’s body with open wounds in Gaskell’s lab was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen on Holby. I loved how for a few seconds Ric and Sacha couldn’t quite comprehend what they were seeing either. It was absolutely horrific.

– The line of the episode for me was the Professor saying that Essie was ‘lying down in a cold, dark room.’ If Hanssen hadn’t immediately chipped in to say that she had a headache, would other people have picked up on just how sinister that sounded?

– The showdown at the lake was quite epic. I liked the hallucinatory bits where Hanssen thought Gaskell was on the bank with him rather than being in the water. Hanssen’s struggle to overcome the effects of the neurotoxin and stay with reality was mirrored by his struggle to understand the full extent of what Gaskell had been doing – particularly when he realised that Gaskell had killed Roxanna.

– This whole storyline has been ambitious and brilliantly done. Gaskell was a bit sinister right from the get-go, but never went full mwah-hah-hah until right at the end. It’s been gruelling, though. Hopefully there’ll be some lighter storylines coming up in the run-up to Christmas. After all this (admittedly brilliant) drama and horror we could do with a bit of sparkle, some romance, and a very large glass of Shiraz.


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6 responses to “Holby City: People are dead! People are in agony!

  1. I’m with you on the Shiraz

  2. wiggles247

    I’m just so glad Gaskell is gone!! He is gone isn’t he?? I never liked him from the start – all his high-faluting mumbo-jumbo just used to annoy me and by the end my dislike was reaching epic proportions (to the point where it was making me angry at everyone else who wasn’t stopping him.)

  3. It was absolutely awful. A saving moment was Fletch holding Jac’s hand.
    The whole horror show of this episode was so wrong – utterly silly to go down this road. Next week’s episode either finds a huge investigation into what’s gone on and possibly lots of sackings, or the same as always.
    Ignoring what’s happened legally and morally will make a mockery of this wonderful program.
    Gaskell being dead is such a poor cop out. Hanssen’s part in all this is not good either. This messy episode doesn’t end it properly. But at least it’s over. What nonsense it’s all been!

  4. Wendy

    Agree with these comments and look forward to less drama and a program I can enjoy

  5. Paul Hammond

    Must admit I’m with the disappointed people here. Said last week I was looking forward to Lana waking up, given that the trailer made it look like that was happening – so disappointed there, her eyes opened only so that she could die.

    Then the whole hallucinogenic ending made me totally unsure whether Gaskell actually was in the lake, or if it was all in Hansen’s head – since it kept cutting to Gaskell whispering in his ear, and of course earlier in the episode we’d had Gaskell talking to Hanssen when in fact Hannsen wasn’t in the room. So although the hallucingenic bits were well done it made me question whether any of it actually happened at all.

  6. RosieMarcelIsAGoddess

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I thought it was one the best episodes in years. That’s not to say it isn’t usually fantastic week to week, just that the tension during this episode and the whole build up to this ending were first class.

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