Holby City: Love and an elevator

(Series 20, ep. 44 ‘The Family You Choose’ by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 30.10.18) This week’s in-depth review can be found over at Metro, but before you go here are a few random thoughts.

– That lift dropping gave me the horrors. I have actually been in this situation in the Empire State Building of all places – the lift dropped from the 80-something floor to the 60-something with me, Mr H and Ms H and assorted other tourists inside. As soon as we pressed the panic button for assistance the display changed to floor 2 – probably so we didn’t panic. I panicked anyway, but I’m British so I did it quietly and passive-aggressively (this was mainly directed at the group of French teenagers who thought it might be fun to jump up and down while we waited).

– I’ve also been stuck in a lift very briefly at ITV in London. If I’m going to be stuck in a lift it must be at a prestige location.

– I’m very much enjoying the little bromance between Jason and Xavier. And Jules Robertson has been doing brilliant work with Jason’s character. His comic timing is wonderful.

– Halloween and Frieda were made for each other, really, and today’s outfit was perfect for the occasion while not frightening the patients. And I loved Frieda’s reaction to news of the lift dropping: ‘How exhilarating.’

– It seems that Jac and Fletch isn’t going to happen, which is good news as far as Team Joseph & Jac 4 Eva (i.e. me) is concerned. But my goodness, Rosie Marcel and Alex Walkinshaw are incredible together. That scene where he was talking about a parallel universe, you could almost hear this universe holding its breath for a minute or two. Stunning work.

– The actual lift plummet situation looked far more dramatic on the autumn trailer than it did in the episode, but it was an interesting way to get various story strands spread over more people, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the consequences in the coming weeks. Possibly Meena will now start to join the dots more about Gaskell and the come-uppance he so richly deserves will be heading his way. Or not.

– Quick plug for the Holby book. It genuinely is almost sold out everywhere and there won’t be any more, so if you’ve been thinking it’s a perfect Christmas gift idea it’s best not to hang around (unless you want a soggy second-hand one from eBay).

(Pictures: BBC)


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3 responses to “Holby City: Love and an elevator

  1. Valerie Bayliss

    You’re not on your own with the Jac and Joseph optimism. I know he’s in an American series but I forever live in hope.

    • Swissmiss

      Jac and Fletch were made for each other. They have so many opportunities here for entertaining, lighthearted situations as these pair find their way in life together. Here’s hoping they’re unable to supress their true feelings for too long…..

  2. Paul Hammond

    I’m loving the Jason and Xavier stuff. Also loved the way he’d set that storeroom up to be his little crime-solving board, and the fact that the guy who was the police detective also turned out to be the ex-husband of the woman in Darwin.

    To be honest, after their kiss the previous week, I’ve decided I don’t like the idea of Fletch and Jac being lovers. I got all kinds of squick while they were kissing last week, so I think I’d prefer them just to be honest friends (I DO love the way Fletch sees through all her armour, but then that’s what I like about Sacha and Jac too)

    Also, loving that we saw a fair bit of Emma this week, and that Goth Doctor Petrenko dressed her up as Jacula!

    Does Doctor Petrenko go around encouraging the patients to call her “Frieda”? I would have thought that was out of character, and found it a bit weird that the patient of the week called her by her first name. Or does everyone call her “Frieda” and it’s only Jac Naylor who refers to her as “Petrenko” (cf “Valentine”)?