Holby City: Love, marriage and other life events

(Series 20, ep. 43 ‘Too Good To Be True’ by Gerard Sampaio 23.10.18) I’ve reviewed this episode in lingering detail over at Metro, but before you go to have a look please bear with me while I waffle on about a few additional things.

– Serena’s blouse. While I applaud a bold colour choice, I don’t think lime green is really her. It might look different on a big telly, but when I was watching the preview on my laptop screen it was making her hair look a bit greenish too. That could be just my laptop or my eyesight, I suppose.

– I thought the girlfriend of the Keller patient was going to turn out to be one of Leah’s former conquests when she recognised her. The story was actually more interesting than that. I wonder whether seeing Leah away from Serena has changed the minds of the people who thought she was a crazed stalker? She seemed rather nice here.

– When Bradley from EastEnders needed his brain operation and Dominic was telling him confidently that ‘our neuro team’ would sort him out I was thinking who’s that, then? Roxanna is dead, Gaskell’s in Lisbon and when we last heard of Selfie he was at home watching Blue Planet with Oliver Valentine (on Thursdays at least).

– The Fletch and Jac will they/won’t they – I’m really hoping it just fizzles out, because though they are great together, Sacha has just moved in with Jac and I don’t want him feeling like he’s a third wheel while Fletch and Jac play happy families. And Jac is a great mother to Emma and seems to get on with Evie, but coping with Mikey and the other Fletchlings? I can’t see it.

Congratulations to everyone at Holby for winning the Inside Soap award for Best Drama Storyline for last year’s brilliant hospital shooting episode. Relive every tense moment in my blow-by-blow-account review of the episode here.

– And thank you to the BBC for mentioning the Holby book over the closing credits. It’s selling out fast (there are no copies left at the warehouse, so when current stocks sell out that’s it), so if you haven’t got yourself one yet, here’s where to get a copy.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Love, marriage and other life events

  1. Karl Wardlaw

    I agree with you about Leah in last night’s episode. She did a great job of showing more depth to her character here.

    Me and my wife thought the same thing – what neuro team? We wondered at first if that was the way to bring back Guy Self?

    Finally disagree with you on something and that is Jac/Fletch. I think they have to get them together at some point because otherwise what was the point in the whole thing? They can’t leave it too much longer though because otherwise people will think it’s never going to happen and they’ll stop caring. It wouldn’t affect the Sacha being there because Sacha as a character is one of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meet and Fletch is naturally more sympathetic than Jac so would help Sacha. With regards to coping with the kids it’s Jac Naylor and she would just have to turn the persona on.

    It’s about time Holby won an award for something for consistently amazing work over many years. Everyone involved with that episode was amazing.

    Your book deserved the mention last night. It’ s amazing for anyone who is a fan of the show.

    Apologies for the long ramble.

  2. Cheryl adams

    Still don’t like Leah, great to see serena and Jason on screen together again, now all we need is auntie Bernie to join them.

  3. Julie

    I shouted exactly that at the tv… neuro team?? What neuro team?? Rox is dead (more is the pity, i wanted to see where her and henrik ended up) and gaskell has buggered off to ease his conscience

  4. Well done Sue Haasler on ur book selling well
    i’m so happy😊 for u it’s brilliant news u so deserve it n congrats on Holby City on gettin award two amazin things happening n Holby is always fab to watch wen i get late from work on tue nite

    Can’t believe Jac was so nasty to Fletch she is
    gud for she just scared if she thinks like that he too gud for her big time!..

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