Holby City: I see dead people

I see Roxanna! (Picture: BBC)

(Series 20, ep. 42 ‘Stains’ by Patrick Homes 16.10.18) For this week’s review click over to Metro, but before you go here are a few random thoughts:

– Donna and Zav – is ‘Zonna’ ever going to be a Thing, do you think, or are they just going to continue having these Moments? When he told Alex that she was in her late thirties with two sprogs and she didn’t need the likes of either of them, I think he was speaking more about his own insecurity. Or is he really a twonk?

– Hurrah for Sacha and his clear-sighted assessment of Prof Gaskell, and having the balls to tell him to his face. At least there’s one person at Holby who doesn’t subscribe to the Cult of Gaskell. Sadly Hanssen seems just as far away from learning the truth as ever. What’s it going to take to expose the Prof’s crimes? Or will it go undetected and poor Roxanna will have died in vain? Surely that can’t happen?

– Essie was getting very judgemental about that murderer patient, wasn’t she? Particularly when you remember the rather ugly history of her own grandfather. Then she went and told Hanssen what a genius Gaskell is and completely threw him off the scent. Oh, Essie! Not your finest week.

– When the murderer asked Gaskell to kill him and Gaskell didn’t, it shows that he does have ethics – but in Roxanna’s case ethics were over-ridden by the necessity to keep his trial going, come what may. If I’m being kind I might call him a ‘bigger picture’ kind of guy.

– When Steven was talking confidently about nits to Jac, and Fletch said Steven had never so much as been near him with a nit comb when he was a kid, I thought Steven’s life-changing secret was going to be that he had a secret other family somewhere that Fletch never knew about and he’d spent many years happily examining his children’s heads for lice in a way he’d never done with Fletch.

– An insight into the writer’s thinking: episode writer Patrick Homes (@PatrickHomes) tweeted yesterday ‘Tonight’s episode of #holbycity was written listening to Pixies “Where is My Mind” on an endless loop. It may or may not show…’


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9 responses to “Holby City: I see dead people

  1. thebigmart

    When Hanssen asked Essie whether she was ‘uncomfortable’ about the Prof’s work, didn’t she nod yes?

  2. Great review – as always ..

    Oooooh – I think you are wrong there about Henrik not knowing that
    Gaskell was quite a nasty piece of work and the puzzle box was the clue.

    Remember how HH remarked that the broken box indicated Gaskells charecter and ithat “the destruction was wanton”? Of course the key WAS there but hidden in another part of the box. We had a box just like that at
    my home when I was a child and I remember being taught its puzzle.

    I think HH realises that there is more to Gaskells projects than meets the eye – and he is prepared to wait and see what it is – hence Significant Look
    at Essie .

    Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking ..
    PS Poor Fletch ..

    • I hope you’re right, HB. I loved that puzzle box. I’ve got a similar one, but mine doesn’t have a key, you just slide different panels in a particular order to get it to open.

  3. Sorry – my post was ambiguous for I did not mean to imply you were wrong about the puzzle box but that it was MY clue and possibly HHs ..

  4. Geoff

    I love Holby CIty, but am frustrated by all the things that “should” happen, but don’t. For example, why didn’t Essie tell Henrik that John had hijacked the stuff from Roxanna that was meant for Henrik? And why hasn’t an autopsy been done on Roxanna, which would identify the ligature (or whatever it was called) that Gaskell left in her brain on purpose? Is Gaskell going to get away with Roxanna’s murder?

  5. Thunderchild

    I’m guessing the truth about Gaskell is all going to come out on the first anniversary of the shooting.

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