Holby City: Sibling rivalry

(Series 20, ep. 41 ‘The Three Musketeers’ by Joe Ainsworth 9.10.18) For a full review of this episode, head over to Metro. Before you go, a few additional points:

– What a brilliant bit of acting from Marcus Griffiths as Xavier sat in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish (AKA the multi-faith room/prayer room/whatever). Holby actors seem to be very good at crying on demand. It must make them very tricky to live with.

– It was a nice outcome to find that Reg didn’t have dementia and wasn’t being beaten up by Alex, but had a treatable condition after all. Maybe he’ll get well enough to become a porter.

– Hanssen is holding himself together well, but Guy Henry is such a superbly subtle actor that you can see the emotion just under the surface. He’s channelling his love for Roxanna into caring for Gaskell, and when and if the story fully comes out about what he’s been up to – well, it’ll be a double blow and I honestly don’t know how Hanssen will start to cope with that.

– There’s definitely chemistry between Donna and Xavier. Is he the kind of man who’d be happy to have a girlfriend with two children, though? He’s always seemed a bit of a player, so we’ll have to see.

– There’s been a mixed reaction to Leah’s pursuit of Serena, and I can see why. If you’re very invested in the Berena relationship then it’s not easy to think of Serena even contemplating anyone else. Quite possibly she’s going to carry on rejecting Leah and be happy with her long-distance love, but it’s interesting to see her being tested. It also made for some very funny scenes, especially when Ric and Serena were inside the office and Leah was outside, fully aware that Serena was listening to everything she was saying.

– Scary Sue needs to be a regular character. Sometimes new people arrive on Holby and it takes a little while to work out who they are as characters. I feel like we already know Sue, thanks to the way the writers have brought her in and Angela Lonsdale’s funny, clever portrayal of her. And of course you can never have too many Sues.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Sibling rivalry

  1. Nice to have some insight to Xavier and learning about his family and his little brothers tragic end. Henrik is going to be tempted to kill Gaskell when he finds out he kiled Roxanna. I feel Serena will rebuff Leah’s advances, but. Leah is a stalker and Serena could be in danger!

  2. Maggie Scarborough

    I think Xavier did a terrific job of crying… almost had me crying too. I too think that someone will have to hold Henrik back when he finds out the truth about Gaskell. I don’t know in the real world how F1s are chosen to be with a particular doctor, but I’m sure Serena would rather be schooling Fleur than Leah. If Leah is sane, she had better hold herself steady because I think Bernie will find out what’s going on and use one of those 13 ways she knows to kill somebody with her bare hands.

  3. BB

    It’s not the possibility of Serena moving on from Bernie anyone can see that the situation is complicated given Bernie ( and JemmaRs ) absence, but that Leah is creepy and seems to have some sort of motive. She doesn’t look like someone who just fancies her(boss!) and has taken a chance on it being reciprocated. She seems conniving and manipulative, and possibly dangerous. Can’t yet work out whether she has prior knowledge of Serena and is targeting her, or if she has just become randomly fixated, and which is worse! Not convinced she is properly qualified either , she could well turn out to be not what or who she says she is. It’s very ambiguous – but like early Gaskell, angel or devil.

  4. mrssatan

    I was left wondering if HH was suspicious of PG… he definitely knows something isn’t quite right there… something that he maybe can’t just put down to grief.

    • Paul Hammond

      I think Leah is a brilliant new character, and an excellent addition to the cast. I can’t see how people can read her honesty as “creepy” – she hasn’t been trying to decieve anyone as far as I can see. Maybe some people don’t like the fact that she is making a play for Serena, but she’s totally been up-front about her feelings. It’s up to Serena to draw the clear lines, surely – which she seems to be struggling to do – but Leah isn’t the one who has a girlfriend she’s meant to be being faithful to. If Serena is finding it that difficult to be apart from Bernie, maybe she should have stuck with her original decision to go and be with her rather than stick around at Holby and face temptation.

      • Paul, I’m glad you don’t think Leah’s behaviour is creepy because I thought I was missing something because so many people were saying she’s a stalker. It could be that there’s some insecurity underlying her apparent sexual confidence (like we saw when Zosia first joined – she pounced on Digby and then Jesse), or maybe she just knows who she likes and goes all out to get what she wants. I don’t feel at the moment that there’s anything sinister about her. The other character she reminds me of a bit is that young Australian doctor Lilah in series 15, who got Ric Griffin suspended after they kissed.

  5. Paul Hammond

    Just re-reading and thinking about Zav – he came across as a horrible misogynist when he first arrived. I can remember him talking about not liking to be involved in deliveries because it was “like seeing your favourite pub burnt down”, which is a hoary old misogynist joke. he also used to suck up to Serena at all times and spew attitude down the chain any time he had a junior, especially a female around.

    I can’t imagine him making any similar sort of comment today, now that his relationships with the more established characters have settled down.

    I wonder how much characters develop from their original conceptions, and whether writers sometimes overdo controversial lines in the earlier days in order to establish a new character. Then as time goes on they see how the lines come across as an actor says them, and get different ideas from how storylines develop. He hardly seems like the same man now as in those early days.

    Just looked up that phrase on google, and apparently it’s something Robbie Williams was saying in 2013 about being present at the birth of his child. I’m sure he must have heard that before himself because I feel like I heard it years ago.

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