Holby City: ‘Nobody dies today,’ he said

(Series 20, ep. 39 ‘Undoing’ by Nick Fisher 25.9.18) Head over to Metro for a full review of this episode, but before you go here are a few additional thoughts.

– Just when you think the Gaskell storyline can’t get any darker and more twisted, it gets darker and more twisted. Paul McGann has been genuinely terrifying in the last few episodes, as Gaskell has shown he’ll go to any lengths to carry on his research. It’s like there’s a ligature in his own head that shuts off any compassion and empathy that might risk diverting him from his path.

– I’m going to miss Roxanna. I liked her as a character and Hermione Gulliford as an actress. I’m sad that Roxanna never had the chance to go out for a night on the Shiraz with Serena because she always had something else to worry about. From spending weeks frowning at Oliver Valentine trying to will him to recover, to spending weeks frowning at Professor Gaskell, she’s never had a chance to relax.

– Of course Hanssen is going to miss her the most. His line in this episode, ‘I can’t lose anyone else, John,’ shows us that he’s really going to struggle to cope. Maybe Sacha and Frieda can invite him to join Holby Fight Club?

– Fletch really needs to sort his children out. It just isn’t on to have them wandering around the hospital all day long, even though I do enjoy seeing them.

– I loved Jac and Frieda giving Fletch advice about how to handle his teenage daughter. Though I can’t imagine that either of them was exactly what you’d call an average teenage girl.

– Frieda looked amazing in her boxing gear and I think they should rush out an action figure of her in time for Christmas. She’d be an excellent role model for all the un-average teenage girls. And boys.

– It’s lovely to have Sacha back and it’s very nice that he’s got a new hobby. I wonder if being in the basement gives him flashbacks to when he had a room there full of all the stuff that Chrissie didn’t want him to have hanging around at home?

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13 responses to “Holby City: ‘Nobody dies today,’ he said

  1. Laura

    I have to admit the Gaskell storyline is too dark for me, I really do like gritty, tough storylines but this one is evil.

    Loved the Sacha and Frieda scenes.

  2. Roxanne warned Henrik about Gaskell and even Essie and Meena had their doubts about Gaskell. No one took enough initiative to call him out and assemble a hospital investigation. Henrik will be in agonizing pain over losing Roxanna.

    • I think it was set up really well that Gaskell arrived with almost legendary status in the hospital already. Then his history with Hanssen, who is always the moral centre of Holby, meant people would hardly dare believe there was anything ‘off’ about him, even as the evidence mounted up.

  3. SprockettyFirebox7

    I never really believed the script writers would allow Gaskell to go this far. Even as he was injecting her drip you heard footsteps outside the door and I was willing someone, perhaps Meena, to come to the rescue. This episode left me feeling hollow however I take my hat off to the Holby writers as they have stepped this program up several notches this last year.

  4. Beyond dark. This is Holby not some subtitled murder show.
    So now he’ll either go on undetected or her autopsy will reveal him for the murderous nutter he is, and then he’ll have to kill whoever does her autopsy. And then whoever does their autopsy, until the whole show winds itself up into a tight knot of ruined characters.

    Maybe Roxanne will wake up in the shower next week and it’ll all have been a dream.

    Or Maybe the F1 doctors will run round like an episode of Scooby Doo and uncover the mild mannered doctor for the killer he is.

  5. thebigmart

    When the do the PM (autopsy) and they find some unknown chemical in her blood, how will they trace it – unless it was only available to Gaskell.

    • Paul Hammond

      I thought he was injecting air bubbles into the drip rather than a “Mystery chemical”. Someone above said “Essie had her doubts” – she’s the most troublesome one for me, at the end of one episode, she was turning down Josh for the “magic” Gaskell treatment and realising that the rules were there for a reason not to be ignored when you think you know better. At the beginning of the next episode she was back on board team Gaskell, happily preparing Josh for his op, and seemingly fully aware that his mother’s frozen eggs were in Gaskell’s lab even though she’d speficially refused permission to use them the previous week.

      Still, less plotholes for the sake of a sudden twist than in Bodyguard, I guess.

      I know Essie has a lot invested in this, but her storyline is pretty near as dark as Hanson’s when she finds out the hope that Mr De Luca’s legacy has basically been invested in enabling a new Dr Shipman…

    • thebigmart – I saw on Twitter or Facebook, someone mentioned a particular chemical (potassium something?) that could have that effect and then wouldn’t be traceable. I’ve no idea whether that’s correct, but you can bet that the researchers at Holby know what they’re doing.

  6. Geoff

    Surely the post-mortem will find the ligature that Gaskell failed to remove from her brain.

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