Holby City: Nothing but the work

(Series 20, ep. 38 ‘One Man and His God’ by Andy Bayliss 18.9.18) I’ve written a nice long review of this episode over at Metro, but before you go to have a look here are some additional thoughts.

– The ending was just about the most twisted, terrifying thing I’ve ever seen on Holby. The idea of deliberately leaving someone in a ‘locked in’ state (especially as we knew that Roxanna’s mother had already experienced that) – well, even the most seasoned Gaskell-watcher will have been shocked at just how far his drive to succeed has pushed him.

– We’ve had murderous people on the wards of Holby before (Nurse ‘Killer’ Kelly Yorke in series 5/6; Hanssen’s son last year), but Gaskell is an entirely different kettle of fish. The scary thing about Gaskell is that he truly believes he’s only one step away from the next great medical breakthrough. He takes no pleasure in people being hurt or dying, but at the same time he views anyone who suffers during the course of his experiments to be collateral damage. The bigger picture is all he cares about.

– I loved the flashback scenes. Young Gaskell, Hanssen and Roxanna were perfectly cast and played their parts brilliantly, and Andy Bayliss’s script filled in plenty of blanks about each of them in a subtle and moving way. I also liked how the different sets of flashbacks were in the minds of each of the three older characters, so each one had a slightly different focus.

– Scenes between Hanssen and Dominic have become as precious and lovely as scenes between Jac and Sacha. It’s a similar dynamic – a closed-off, apparently cold person and someone who is expressive and emotionally open who sees them for who they really are.

– Gaskell’s last words to Roxanna – ‘forgive me’ – were chilling. I honestly doubt she’s going to be forgiving him any time soon, even if he ‘fesses up and sorts out the mess he’s left inside her head (if that’s even possible).

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9 responses to “Holby City: Nothing but the work

  1. christina

    I really, really hated it! Well, I hated the flashback scenes anyway. Everything else was good. I thought they were cheesy sorry!

  2. His action is traceable unless he sneaked a spare clip in to put in the trays at the end. They’re supposed to count things in and out so nothing gets left inside.
    It’d be nice if he was caught because of diligence on someone’s part – one of the younger doctors perhaps wracked with guilt over the accident.

    Reminded me a tiny bit of the Columbo with the heart surgeon (Was that Dr Spock?) where he used a different thread for the stitches.

    Didn’t enjoy the episode at all tbh,

    • Zoë

      Speaking as someone who works in operating theatres, they absolutely should notice that there is a clip missing. We count everything multiple times, and everything is documented and double signed. But hey, rule of drama. 😉

      Fantastic review, as always, though.

  3. Pat Doohan

    I agree Sue! Where will it all end? Hopefully with Guy Self saving Roxanna, even though I don’t really want to see him back.

  4. I always look forward to your reviews Sue, but even more so this week. There were several parts I didn’t really ‘get’ and you clarified them. Thanks. I totally agree with your point about Hanssen and our Dom – loved those scenes, partly because it was a bit of normality in a certainly not normal episode!

  5. thebigmart

    I did wonder if Gaskell would remove the part of Roxanna’s brain that is the memory.

    The young Henrik didn’t seem to have any trace of a Swedish accent.

  6. Jay Fletcher

    Absolutely horrified this week. I thought he might go as far as ‘not trying hard enough to save her’ but to deliberately take her back into theatre, and operate virtually unsupervised (where was everyone!?) with that as an /intentional outcome/?

  7. holbybunners

    I did not like the flashback scenes either – the younger versions seemed
    like completely different people!

    Otherwise – a great episode – very tense. Excellent review too as per ..

    Thanks for letting us know about the clip being the reason for Roxy’s “locked in” problem. I was looking through my fingers at that point .. as I always do for the surgery, wimp that I am ..