Casualty: Not really intubated

(Series 33, ep. 5 by Jerome Bucchan-Nelson and Dana Fainaru 15.9.18) I’ve reviewed this week’s Casualty for Metro, so please head over there and take a look. First, some random thoughts.

– Asan N’Jie, who played Femi, has previously guested in Holby City in Series 19, ep. 23. When I spent some time in AAU as part of the research for the Holby book, he was the patient in the scene I saw being filmed. He was being intubated by Jasmine with help from Fletch and Morven. Needless to say, they didn’t really intubate him or he probably wouldn’t have agreed to be in Casualty.

– I wonder how Dylan’s going to react now he’s found out that Ciara is married?

– I also wonder how long Iain will hold out before he begins to love Ruby as much as I love her. There’ll probably be an episode where she has to do some ninja-level work in order to prove herself. And even that will have to be accompanied by Charlie Having A Word with Iain.

– Ethan has a heart of gold, but is he being a bit full-on with Alicia, do you think? I can’t quite decide. If it was anybody but Ethan you would probably think so. At any rate, I would not be happy about another person choosing the paint colour for my bedroom.

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3 responses to “Casualty: Not really intubated

  1. thebigmart

    Is it healthy to sleep in a freshly painted room? He did very well moving around the furniture in the room and getting the paint to dry all within (presumably) a few hours.

    I did think at the end Alicia would succumb and invite Ethan into her room!

  2. I started decorating my cupboard room. Then the summer arrived. No I have no motivation. If someone knocked on my door, with paint, offering to finish the job, I would let them get on with it. 😂😂

  3. thebigmart

    Are you young, female, and attractive and oh, live in north London. If you fulfill ALL those requirements, you may be in luck ! 😉