Holby City: Look out!

(Series 20, ep. 37 ‘All Lies Lead to the Truth’ by Robert Goldsbrough 11.9.18) This week’s review can be found over at Metro. Before you go, here are some random musings about the episode.

– Is Meena’s new car cursed? She’s had a terrible time ever since she got it, with a miserable birthday followed by a Boxing Birthday (or is it just my house where we have those?) in which she reverses into Serena’s car and later on knocks down a fleeing neurosurgeon. If I was Meena, I’d be getting that car swapped for something a little less haunted, ASAP.

– I thought Roxanna’s spying on Gaskell was really suspenseful. The bit where she was snooping around the wet lab and he was walking along the corridor was scary. I’m still not sure how she got out. Did she find a secret back door? Or had she gone out of the front door before Gaskell turned the corner?

– And then when she revealed to him what she knew and he turned the tables by trying to tell her that she wasn’t well. Will she wake up and manage to tell Hanssen what she knows before Gaskell can go any further? Or is the staff member with the best quiff since Fletch already destined to be a commemorative plaque in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery? 

– I do enjoy Salma Hoque’s acting. She makes me feel quite protective towards Meena. I want to defend her from nasty arrogant men and former mean girls and sulky friends. I want to tell her that her brains and her drive to succeed are worth more than just having a ring on her finger and/or being popular.

– When Roxanna opened the jar containing Julie Bloom’s embryos (handily labelled JULIE BLOOM in big friendly letters) and a lot of vapour came out, was that supposed to be liquid nitrogen in the jar or something like that? Would Roxanna have been able to handle that without gloves?

– It was glorious to see Frieda back. The little friendship with Zav was a nice thing, too – they seem quite fond of each other and she isn’t impressed by his charms and he isn’t scared by her and it’s good. I hope other Holby writers explore that relationship a bit more.

– Clive was a sweet character. I like it when Frieda has eccentric patients who interest her. It’s a shame Clive never got to meet Gaskell, though. It would have been an iconic moment to have the seventh and eighth Doctor Whos meeting face to face in the corridors of Holby City Hospital.


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12 responses to “Holby City: Look out!

  1. Clive and Gaskell in the wet lab with the blue thing would have been very Whovian…

  2. Pat Doohan

    Great review Sue. I have to say I agree with you about Roxanna’s escape from the wet lab! I had thought she’d have to hide somewhere when she realised Gaskell was approaching, but then we saw her outside the lab. Surely he must have been close enough to see her if she came out of the door? That aside, I do hope she pulls through and doesn’t have any brain damage, as Gaskell definitely needs stopping.

    • Paul Hammond

      Yeah – I was just thinking how weird it would be if “Clive” died on the table. Cos then we’d have two Gaskells in the hospital at the same time. Funny how I didn’t recognise Sylv until he spoke – I’m blaming the beard and the fact that he was never seen standing up at any time in the entire episode for being so slow on the uptake…

    • I thought I’d just missed something about Roxanna’s escape from the wet lab, Pat! Glad it wasn’t just me.

  3. Thunderchild

    I thought the same regarding the liquid nitrogen – reminded me of a famous scene in The X Files and Scully definitely had gloves on!

    Was the relationship between Hanssen and Roxanna established during her first stint or have they changed her backstory?

    • Someone posted the Scully picture on Twitter. Very big, thick gloves they were too. I think as soon as Roxanna appeared with David they mentioned that they knew Hanssen from way back.

      • Andrew P

        On the issue of the liquid nitrogen (clearly the most important point raised!):

        The way the bubbles were coming up from the flask looked much more like what happens when you put dry ice into water than the vapour that comes from liquid nitrogen. Dry ice is far safer to handle – and already used on sets for smoke machines – than liquid nitrogen, so I’m guessing that’s what was going on on set to simulate liquid nitrogen.

        In real life, those little metal handles on the tube holders are very, very cold if it were liquid nitrogen; I know some tough old scientists who’d use bare hands (in contravention of all the safety regulations!) but most people wear gloves designed specifically to deal with cryogenic temperatures. Otherwise you’re in danger of your skin remaining attached to the metal once you’ve taken your hand away. Plus if it was liquid nitrogen you’d probably also be wanting to wear a face mask and apron. And I’m also not sure that flask was big enough for long-term storage of samples, more the kind of thing for carrying samples from point to point.

        And no, I still have no idea what that blue glowy thing in the lab is actually supposed to be.

  4. I don’t comment but I read this blog weekly… Meena… Hmmm. She’s an awful character. Stuck up, spoilt, self righteous and immature. Feel the neuro/Gaskill storyline is far far fetched to the point I will probably not bother tuning into episodes with John in them. Felt Sasha’s storyline a couple of weeks ago was incredibly well played though. Big kudos for that!! Exceptional.

    • Thank you for reading the blog, and I’m glad you’ve joined the commenters! It’s always nice to get a conversation going.

      I feel like there’s a sadness about Meena. Like her life has been so full of expectations, and she doesn’t feel she’s lived up to them even though she’s succeeded at being a doctor. She has this air of being a spoiled brat, but she’s very insecure.

      And yes, the Sacha episode was brilliant.

  5. I agree with RebSef to a certain extent where Meena is concerned in that I always thought her rather a spoilt little princess. However during the last few weeks I was beginning to sympathise with her for even princesses deserve some fairness and Gaskels behaviour was abominable!

    As for the “miraculous” procedure – well the scriptwriters were on a hiding to nothing for they were portraying something which was ultimately discovered to be .. well … impossible. Viewers KNEW that this procedure was currently not possible …so were expecting it to be proved so.