Holby City: Holby’s huggiest medic needs a hug

(Series 20, ep. 29 ‘The Friend Zone’ by Katie Douglas 17.7.18) This week’s in-depth Holby City review can be found at its new home on Metro. Pop over and give it a look (and peruse all their other lovely TV content while you’re there).

Meanwhile, here’s the episode in bullet points:

– Sacha and Patricia. Would that ever have worked? Are their names too awkward to say in the same sentence? We’ll never know now, because she made it quite clear that she doesn’t view him as boyfriend material. The fool.

– Sacha and Essie, though – they are so lovely together. But are they the kind of lovely couple who are better off being friends, or do we want them to get back together?

– It breaks my heart when the cuddliest man in the hospital needs a cuddle himself. Anyone who wants to join a Cuddle Sacha Squad, we assemble at dawn!

– I seriously want to knock Nicky and Meena’s heads together. They’re both good doctors in their way, but if I was a patient I wouldn’t want to be treated by them.

– Even being faced by a young woman with a life-limiting illness didn’t make them stop and think that life was too short for petty squabbles.

– And you’d have to be desperate to want to get back on Gloomy Gaskell’s team.

– I still can’t decide about Zav. Is he a bit of a sweetheart, as Serena is apparently starting to think, or a bit of a twonk? And are he and Donna heading for a romance do you think? If they are, I suppose we’ll have to refer to them as #Dav, because #Zonna is weird and #Xonna is worse.

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9 responses to “Holby City: Holby’s huggiest medic needs a hug

  1. I’ll join the queue to chuddle Sasha bless him i’ll be be second definitely
    he’s so luvely, still ♥️ Donna big time she so sweet
    n sincere 😊n always there for someone who needs it
    keep Nicky she just enthusiastic get rid of Meena
    she’s just a big head who reckons the job just involve round her not anyone else which is big no no but the again she is workin wid Professor Gaskill so that’s where she get her arrogance from🙄

    • I think you might have a point about Meena getting her arrogance from Gaskell. If junior doctors think their role models are people like Gaskell and Jac, I suppose that’s how they’ll start to behave. If their role models are Sacha or Ric Griffin for example, they’d see that being an ego on a stick isn’t the only way to succeed in the profession.

  2. thebigmart

    I am wondering regarding Donna’s botox business. Is it right that she should recruit a colleague to issue prescriptions, ie are they NHS prescriptions?

  3. Having read that Rosie Marcel has let slip that another major character is going to be killed off, I am getting seriously worried about Sacha. Why are there no Samaritan’s leaflets pinned up around the hospital, not even in Casualty? Someone needs to tell Donna that Sacha needs help, she could move in to give him company and give Ric a break in the process.