Holby City review: It’s moved!

essie holbyFrom this week I’ll be reviewing Holby City for metro.co.uk , so for the full review that you know and (hopefully) love, please head over there and have a look.

Meanwhile, this week’s Holby in bullet points:

(Series 20, ep. 28 ‘Into the Light’ by Becky Prestwich and Nick Fisher 10.7.18)

– Gaskell taught Roxanna to shriek in the Shrubbery.

– And she needed a good shriek by the end, after discovering that Prof Gaskell has been keeping a lot of secrets about his trial.

– Jac is putting her faith in the Prof and Roxanna to sort out the problems with their trial, despite finding out that another of the test subjects has died.

– Ethan Hunt escaped the ED to roam the big corridors upstairs, where we found he wasn’t exactly a stranger to Roxanna and the Prof (and not just because they watch him on Casualty).

– The Prof ended the episode doing some more of his trademark staring at patients – but the patient this time was none other than Essie Di Lucca.

– Essie was recovering from surgery after Hanssen and a non-speaking obs & gynae expert (where’s Fleur Fanshawe?) had operated on her for ovarian cancer.

– We met Raf’s dad, Enzo.

– Donna was house-hunting, but suitable properties were out of her reach. She’s now decided to train to do botox and whatnot as a way of earning extra cash.

– And they had a lovely selection of cupcakes at Pulses.


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11 responses to “Holby City review: It’s moved!

  1. thebigmart

    (I presume we can still comment here?)

    What was it between Henrik and Enzo? First he seemed a bit concerened when he found out that it was Henrik that would be looking after Essie, and when they met there was a great stare at each other. Did I miss an explanation?

  2. How can I subscribe to the Metro version – will this bullet point summary continue to appear here with a link?

  3. I’m glad you are getting fame and presumably payment but the Metro site crashes a lot. Is it possible to keep posting here, maybe a day later.

    • I’ll find out about that, but I think duplicating content affects search engine rankings. Something else I could do would be to start up a mailing list just for the reviews, so I could email them to people without posting them on here first.

      I don’t want to upset the people who’ve supported this blog for a long time, so if you have any problems accessing the reviews on Metro let me know and I’ll sort something out.

  4. Angela Davey

    Great review as always but I was surprised that there was no mention of Sasha.

  5. Andrew P

    Congrats on the Metro move – hope that works out and great that your writing on this show is getting a bigger audience! I’m about 5 weeks behind with Holby so had to rely on some of your reviews to catch me up on those episodes that are no longer on iPlayer, but they are so detailed that’s no problem.

    • Glad to be of service, Andrew! I’m very happy to be doing the reviews on Metro – as you say, it’s a bigger audience. The lovely soaps editor Duncan is happy for me to write them exactly as I have been doing on here (so Metro readers will have to learn to refer to the garden as the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery), so hopefully long-time readers will be happy too. I’m also going to be reviewing Casualty for them starting on Saturday 18th August.

      • thebigmart

        Say hi to Duncan. We have known each other from years back when he was writing reports about a little-known soap …. Coronation Street 😉 (small world!).

        Look forward to your Casualty reviews. Last Saturday’s episode was like an end-of-series story !

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