Holby City: Killer microbes everywhere

(Series 20, ep. 26 ‘Fallen Idol’ by Kathrine Smith 27.6.18) Nicky accidentally dropped a flask of what may or may not have been E. coli, meaning she and Xavier were trapped in a room with only half a bag of chicken crisps for company while they waited for the decontamination team to arrive. “I didn’t know I was stepping into a toxic germ-dungeon,” Zav complained, though he’s worked so much on AAU that he must be used to it by now.

This was the opportunity for some serious truth-telling, with Zav telling Nicky she wastes her potential by drinking too much and having a bit of a chaotic lifestyle. In return she had a go at him about how he was a rubbish boyfriend to Meena, and we finally found the deep secret in his past – that his parents blame him for his younger brother’s death. That’s as much as we were told, which was a bit annoying because in real life someone with the famed people skills of Nicky would have wanted Detail. I know I would have. Possibly the details are being left for another time, maybe when Maman et/ou Papa Duvall appear in person having succumbed to the Curse of the Holby Relative and in need of the medical skills of their sibling-killing son. 

Elsewhere, Prof Gaskell was supposed to be applying some of his legendary surgical expertise to the case of Mr Lambourne, an old man with dementia. With the theatre slot imminent, there was no sign of the lugubrious Prof, and when Roxanna phoned him she found his phone was locked in a drawer in his lab.

She tracked him down with skill, cunning and Whippet Search and discovered he was in Lisbon. So Roxanna did what any of us would do under the circumstances (we wouldn’t) and got on the first flight from Holby International Airport to find out what he was up to.

She found him sitting next to the bed of the mysterious woman whose bed he sits next to, who we now discover is called Lana Albert. He’d been doing some soul-searching about his trial and the trail of devastation it’s left. “Is the price too high?” he mumbled. “Have we gone too far? When do I stop?” The answers to these questions are (1) Yes (2) Yes and (3) Now, please. But wait! There was a clue that he may be on the verge of a breakthrough. “You have to continue,” Roxanna insisted. After all, that might be the only chance of saving Jac Naylor from ending up in as bad a state as poor Lana Albert.

Back at Holby and oblivious to all this, Jac was merrily leaving hospital. Being back at home is the only chance she’ll get to have all the grapes for herself (and maybe a few for Emma), because at Holby Fletch eats them all.

It was lovely Sheilagh Chiltern’s birthday and Lofty had got her some pot pourri because he has his finger on the pulse of gifting for the mature woman. Sheilagh was naturally underwhelmed with this and much preferred Dominic’s ‘Luscious Lads’ book and the glass of non-alcoholic fizz Donna procured for her.

Dominic almost missed all this fun, because Ric had arranged for him to observe a ground-breaking piece of surgery. Since Dominic is still on non-surgical duties because of his hepatitis C, this was excitement indeed. He got back to the ward in time for the end of the ‘party’ where Sheilagh was worrying that Lofty might be a bit too much of a goody two-shoes for him. Dominic said that’s what makes him love Lofty more. Awww.

And in other news, Serena reported that new grand-niece Guinevere Elinor is “a delight, but I could do without the new parents plaguing me for advice and doing the exact opposite.” She’s loving it, really.

Did you see the mention of the Holby book over the end credits? If you don’t already have it, you can find out what you’re missing here.


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3 responses to “Holby City: Killer microbes everywhere

  1. thebigmart

    Roxanna managed to get an immediate flight to Lisbon, obviously having her passport to hand and presumaby some luggage packed. She presumably arrives at the airport, knows how to get to the hospital, and the ward Gaskell is likely to be on. It really is amazing how they can leave their duties at Holby and go off somewhere at a drop of a hat !

    Saw the plug for the book – excellent !

  2. Great review as always. I still reckon Zav is a con-artist and is coming the old “I’ve had a rubbish past, so that excuses my behaviour now” attitude. Shades of whatshisname who bullied our Dom?

  3. It isn’t necessary to go into great depth concerning Gaskell and Sasha’s research projects, BUT HC writers should at least depict simple precautions for their labs.For instance, Sasha’s lab is on Darwin/Keller-not a safe place around patients-needs to be in basement. Gaskell’s lab in the basement, BUT his lab procedures are crap. Roxanna is on his team, she is clueless about previous and ongoing trials. Took an F1 (Meena) to suggest compilation of trial results-Oh come on! Meena was so inexperienced and Gaskell picks her.? Nikki is even a bit of a stretch. Meena and Nikki should be learning how to be professional doctors!
    Well that is my 2 cents worth………..