Holby City: Decisions, decisions

(Series 20, ep. 24 ‘Primum Non Nocere, Part One’ by Patrick Homes 12.6.18) The fancy Latin title of the episode means ‘First, do no harm.’ It’s the reminder from the Hippocratic Oath that doctors are not really supposed to make things worse.

It fell to Meena (that jacket looked gorgeous on her, btw) to be the one to start uncovering what we might call the irregularities in Prof Gaskell’s trial. She found the notes from the Fiona Fawcett case, and heard about the recent trial patient in Tangiers, and there were some worrying parallels.

Meena is not a fool. She’s nervous, under-confident and over-eager to impress, but she’s smart and perceptive and she realised she was onto something worrying. She talked to Prof Gaskell about it, but he brushed her concerns aside in that slightly threatening way he has. She asked colleague and boyfriend Xavier what she should do, and he said there were plenty of people higher up the food chain who could take the responsibility for dealing with the information and it wasn’t up to her to do it. 

This says a lot about Xavier, and also says a lot about Meena that, despite this advice, she decided to confront the Prof. She was also spurred on because she’d almost killed a patient (Janet Dale) earlier by not listening to her properly when she was taking a history, because she thought the Prof’s trial was a much more exciting way of spending her time.

So, as Jac Naylor was wheeled into theatre as Gaskell’s next guinea pig, Meena told the Prof she didn’t think it would be safe. This time his threats were more overt – he could have her removed from the trial and indeed the hospital if she didn’t keep quiet.

Jac hadn’t heard any of this, but she still looked apprehensive. Will she go through with the op? I’m as worried as Sacha is. Jac gave him Jasmine’s necklace to look after while she was in theatre, which was a touching detail about how vulnerable Jac is feeling.

Much excitement for fans of Jemma Redgrave and the award-winning storyline that is #Berena. Bernie was back, and the spark between her and Serena shone as brightly as ever. Luckily Bernie was still qualified/licensed to operate in the UK, so she and Serena got to work on a very tricky operation that showcased Bernie’s superb trauma surgery skills. These are going to be put to work soon in the trauma centre that’s opening in Nairobi. It’s a two-surgeon job, though – and the other surgeon is supposed to be Serena.

Pregnant Greta was brought into the hospital on two occasions, the first of which Bernie diagnosed as cramps from eating too much cheese. The second time seemed definitely baby-related, and it highlighted how Serena’s loyalties are torn. She adores Bernie and wants to be with her, but she also loves Jason and has taken up knitting at the prospect of becoming a sort-of granny. What will she decide?

Fletch was very preoccupied by plants up on Darwin. The red-headed cactus has acquired all sorts of symbolic significance (it nearly died because Abi over-watered it and – like Jac – it’s not as tough as it pretends to be). Fletch had brought Jac some flowers, but was worried to learn that, being lilies, they were associated with funerals. Typically of Jac, she rather liked them anyway.

Though Fletch spent much of his time gazing in a besotted manner at Jac, he’s still officially with Abi. She’s invited him and the Fletchlings on a fell-walking holiday in the Lake District, which freaked him out about because (a) it involves fell walking and (b) it moves the relationship up a notch. He said yes anyway because (c) Kendal Mint Cake (he didn’t mention that, but I always find it a very powerful incentive).

Lines of the week (there are a few of them, for which I must say good work, Patrick Homes) – Bernie to Serena: “I didn’t travel six and a half thousand miles just to twiddle my thumbs in your leafy detached.”

Jac: “Fell walking? What’s that?”

Meena: “Watching stuff go mouldy in a petri dish. Hardly rocket surgery.”

Meena: “The Professor’s going to bounce me off the trial faster than you can say ‘Oh my God, that was really fast.’”

HOLBY CITY BEHIND THE SCREEN – The Holby cast and crew talk about how they make the show.

HALF A WORLD AWAY – Love and treachery in 1980’s East Berlin.

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  1. Laura

    Professor Gaskill, rather ominously mis – spelt, hopefully not a sign of things of getting even worse for Jac. Loved Bernie’s return, looks like it might be a short term reunion though.

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