Holby City: Summer trailer – the highlights

“What are you doing in my bedroom?” Frieda asks a somewhat naked Xavier. More to the point, what is she doing in her bedroom, as she seemed to have left last week.

Carole Copeland! Always a joy. Please let her meet Sheilagh soon.


Berena reunited! A nation rejoices. But there are hints that this might mean Serena will be leaving, which would fling a nation into mourning.


Greta is in labour!



And we’ve seen that obstetrician before – it’s only Fleur Fanshawe.


…who seems to have taken a shine to Serena.



It looks like Lofty is proposing to Dominic. I hope Dominic says yes, because that will mean Sheilagh Chiltern and Carole Copeland at the same wedding. In hats.

Essie’s back – but why does she need a CT scan? And why is Hanssen asking her permission to deal with all eventualities? If this storyline is going the Arthur Digby route I shall not be pleased.

This is Fletch’s dad. The Fletchlings seem happy to see him, but the same can’t be said for Fletch.


Ethan has escaped the ED and is roaming the corridors upstairs.


Jac is being a guinea pig for Prof Gaskell. She looks a bit worried – and with reason by the sound of his ominous voice-over.


To see the full trailer head over to the BBC Holby website


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2 responses to “Holby City: Summer trailer – the highlights

  1. Mr Donnelly

    Frieda did say she would be back.

  2. Catherine is still filming (if she can get from London to Elstree via train), so if shows are 3.5-4.0 mos out Serena maybe will not leave right away. Catherine returned to filming October 15,2017 and maybe October 15, 2018 could be an exit date? If Serena’s character leaves Holby I probably wont continue watching. Keller and Darwin wards are pretty much gutted of actors and stories. Almost everyone is housed on AAU-Dom, Lofty, Sasha, etc. Darwin has Fletch, Abi and very few nurses. Skelton cast on Keller, Roxanna, Sasha Meena and Nikki. These wards were previously well staffed and were all abuzz!