Holby City: Jac’s desperate measures

(Series 20, ep. 23 ‘None but the Brave’ by Gerard Sampaio 5.6.18) Jac’s back! Her hair is shorter and wavier! But apart from that, she isn’t feeling any better for her time off. In fact, according to Roxanna, she’s getting worse and might be in a wheelchair within a year. Nooo!!!

The reason Roxanna was looking at Jac’s scans is that Jac wants to be Prof Gaskell’s new trial subject. Naturally this is worrying news – we’ve seen the trail of destruction that the Prof tends to leave behind him. Even the Prof was worried. Despite his belief in his own god-like legend, he knows it would be terrible publicity to incapacitate or kill Holby’s top CT surgeon. So he asked Sacha to have a word with her and talk her out of it. Sacha’s opinion of Prof Gaskell is exactly the same as mine – that he pushes the boundaries, but without due concern for the individual patient.

Unfortunately, boundary-pushing is exactly what Jac wants. Though she was almost swayed by Fletch’s persuasive argument that if she dies, Emma will grow up without a mother. Almost. Because she can’t visualise herself as anything but a surgeon, so she’s willing to take a risk. I’m already extremely tense at the prospect of watching that particular piece of surgery. 

Apart from offering herself up as Gaskell’s guinea pig, Jac was at Holby to assist Abi with Han (previously Hannah, but now identifying as non-binary) Best’s heart surgery. It was marvellous to see Jac in scrubs once again, and as ever she was correct about the way to deal with the procedure and had to step in when Abi was struggling with the suturing. But Jac was also in a massive amount of pain and had to leave the theatre.

How did Fletch deal with having the woman he admires and the woman he’s sleeping with (and also admires) in the same place at the same time? Not terribly well. Abi came in as he was comforting Jac, and Fletch’s response was “It’s not what it looks like!” – which of course made him sound very guilty and made Jac realise that Abi and Fletch were A Thing. This made her sad.

For now, Fletch seems to have chosen Abi, so #Flac is over before it began and #Flabi is very much on.

For fans of conjoined names, #Dofty is still going strong. Dominic wanted Lofty to come with him to a rented house in Wales with eight of his friends. There’d be karaoke and a jacuzzi and all of that. It sounds like one of the circles of hell to me, and I think Lofty was of a similar opinion but he’d have been willing to give it a go because he loves Dominic.

Before he could commit to a weekend away, there was Sheilagh to worry about. She had her assessment to see if she was fit to go home and look after herself, which she aced with the help of energy drinks and knee supports. In other words, she didn’t ace it at all and Lofty realised what she’d been up to. There was a lovely scene where he told her that, despite any physical failing, she was the same glorious woman he’d always loved and admired, and to him that was the definition of dignity.

They’re going to find a bed for her “upstairs” somewhere while a better care plan is organised, and in the meantime Lofty told Dominic he’d have to miss Wales to look after his gran. And Dominic, who is now really relaxing into this relationship and properly treasuring Lofty, said he’d skip Wales too and they’d spend the time together. Bless.

And in other, very sad, news – Frieda has decided to go back to Pakistan to work with Elliot Hope. After all, she’s not learning anything at Holby while Jac’s not working because Abi is a bit useless. She told Fletch that she’d be back, and I hope it’s not too long before she is because her snippy sarcasm, her humour and the kindness she tries her best to hide are wonderful and she’ll be missed.

Lines of the week: Abi wondering if there was anything between Fletch and Jac: “Come on! She’s hot. You’re… tall.”

Jac to Fletch: “I have so missed being Fletch-splained.”

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5 responses to “Holby City: Jac’s desperate measures

  1. JennyBG

    #flabi……priceless 😂

  2. thebigmart

    You beat me to it, Sue. I thought the line between Fletch and Abi about Jac was definitely the line of the week – probably of all time !!!

  3. Really, really enjoyed this week’s episode – apart from Freida leaving, of course. 😦

  4. I think, “the independent to the core, Jac”, is saddened by Fletch’s relationship with Abi.Jac has feelings for Fletch and Jac was hoping that Fletch would be there for her and Emma during and after that “damnable” surgery. Hope Jac makes it through the surgery because Holby City would never be the same without Jac!

  5. Wendy

    Although happy for the Fletchlings not to appear frequently I do feel sorry for them.
    After experiencing another death of a significant person Mickey makes it clear to Fletch they want to see more of him and Fletch considers changing to a less responsible job. Fair enough he changed his mind but he then gets involved with Abi.
    Irritating !