Holby City: It must be love

(Series 20, ep. 22 ‘Only a Word’ by Nick Fisher 29.5.18) You know that everyone in Holby is under the influence of The Curse – that thing that makes the friends, relatives and even casual acquaintances of Holby staff at high risk of accident or serious illness. The Curse was in full effect all over the place this week.

Frieda thought she’d seen the last of Roman, but here he was once again at her door. “Did you order one hot and handsome Ukrainian?” he asked, and this was as light and fun as the encounter got. Because Roman, having recovered from his own wounds, had now brought someone else for Frieda to stitch. 

Joy (Rhoda Ofori-Attah) had been working on a farm when she was injured, but as she was in the country illegally she couldn’t go to A&E. Eventually she collapsed and needed an improvised chest drain, but after that Frieda insisted that she should go to hospital. It wasn’t long before Frieda found out that Roman was no longer the idealistic rebel he’d once been. He was now working with the gang-masters who’d abused Joy. Frieda begged Roman to stay and prove that he was still the man she loves, but he legged it anyway, leaving Frieda in the dark in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery to be comforted by Fletch.

Dominic, meanwhile, attracted The Curse while he was on his way home, when he came across a human kebab tragedy in the form of Shannon (Ffion Jones) accidentally impaled on railings after ruining her best friend’s hen-night. As Dom had broken his phone earlier and Shannon’s phone was at the far side of the railings, Dom said he’d go for help because she was bleeding badly. He should really have insisted on this plan, but he gave in when she asked him to stay and instead tried to reach her phone. He cut his own hand in the process, and when it became clear that Shannon was bleeding from a vein that would best be plugged by sticking his own fingers in the wound, Dominic was naturally hesitant about doing it because of his recent hepatitis C diagnosis. Shannon wanted him to do it anyway, so he did and saved her life.

This will have made him feel a bit better about himself, as did the lovely Lofty. If you could knit yourself the perfect boyfriend it would be Lofty, and Dominic is finally realising that no matter what happens, Lofty is going to stick around.

Love was in the air for Sacha too. He’d taken a shine to one of the hospital cleaners, Patricia (Sirine Saba). She made him a lovely cup of Lebanese tea (not the horrible tea they make in Pulses), and he popped on some overalls to help her with her cleaning and have a little dance. Unfortunately he’d been ignoring (a) The Curse and (b) her regular hints that she wasn’t feeling well, and she collapsed with an umbilical hernia. This was soon popped back by Ric Griffin, and hopefully we’ll get to see this romance continue because it was really sweet and Patricia was lovely. It was the kind of light-touch storyline that Bob Barrett does particularly well, and it warmed my heart.

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4 responses to “Holby City: It must be love

  1. Karl Wardlaw

    Loved this episode. Felt so sorry for Freida with the man she loved doing that to her. Love the character of Freida. My favourite character is Sasha but very tough decision as I really like most of them. Sasha supports so many in the hospital as a character so it was great to see him being light-hearted in this one. Superbly played by Bob Barrett

  2. I look forward to your reviews (almost) as much as the actual episodes! Brilliant as always Sue. I’ve only just realised that you’ve written other books too – I feel an Amazon/Haasler splurge coming on …

  3. PLL

    I’m still laughing about the gringo comment. That is not a polite word lol.
    Dios mio.

  4. mrssatan

    “Knit yourself the perfect boyfriend…” 🤣😂🤣😂