Holby City: Only so much glory to go round

(Series 20, ep. 21 ‘Belonging’ by Katie Douglas 22.5.18) Junior doctors are very competitive, aren’t they? Always wanting to get their noses into the exciting procedures with the best surgeons, tripping over each other to get their hands on the most obscure and gory thing possible.

Meena and Nicky are no exception, although in their case it comes with a side order of stroppy hair-tossing and foot-stamping that reminds me of when PLA Jr used to go to an all-girls’ school. In other words, it’s a tiny bit irritating and makes me think, “Oh, just grow up, will you?” But on the other hand (as with PLA Jr’s school days) I have sympathy for them, too – it’s not easy being a young woman in a competitive environment. 

They both received a major life lesson this week when they got involved in the case of Clare (Tala Gouveia), a woman with a very painful tummy. The reason it was painful was that she was full of worms, which Nicky spotted when Clare threw up on her. For some reason Nicky was washing her vomit-soaked scrubs out in a sink when she spotted the worms. Surely they have a special bin to put soiled garments in? It can’t be hygienic to just toss them in a sink – and she wasn’t even wearing gloves. Yuck.

Anyway, despite the efforts of Sacha, Meena and Nicky in theatre, Clare died. She was lovely, too, and her death made Meena and Nicky realise that every diagnosis and juicy case is actually a person, and that they’re okay at the medical stuff but a bit rubbish attitude-wise. This is an important lesson that all TV doctors have to learn, so well done to them for getting it out of the way early.

Serena also had to examine her own attitude when Jason’s pregnant girlfriend Greta (Zoe Croft, who plays the role beautifully) was brought in to AAU with pains. Serena had been assuming Jason and Greta would come and live with her when the baby was born, so she could look after them. With Donna’s help, and faced with Greta’s matter-of-fact attitude to the whole situation, Serena was forced to admit that her anxieties were mainly about herself, because of what happened to Elinor.

Greta is a woman who knows her own mind and she didn’t want to live with Auntie Serena, but she very sweetly said it would be nice if Serena kept a room for the baby at her house too, because they would be visiting often.

Poor Serena is missing Bernie a lot, as she confided in Sacha over a nice bottle of red. Bernie sends her photographs of breakfasts, Serena sends emails with bullet points, and it’s not very satisfactory at all.

It’s hard when the person you love is a long way away – as Frieda discovered when Roman reappeared with a weeping abscess and a plea for Frieda to come back to Kiev with him. He wanted her to meet him at 10.30PM, and if she didn’t appear he would assume she didn’t love him.

At that precise moment she was operating on her patient, Grantly Budgen from Waterloo Road (Philip Martin Brown), and although she could have got away in time, she chose to stay and finish the suturing. Straight afterwards, when Roman texted to say he loved her, Fletch told Frieda to dash to the car park to catch up with him – but he’d already gone. Back at the home she shares with Nicky and Meena she texted him back – that she loves him too. But the message failed to send. Was that fate?

In other news – Dominic has been getting a hard time from people at the pub (not Albie’s) about having hepatitis C. Lofty was as supportive and gorgeous as ever.

– Abi is a “very demanding woman,” apparently, and it seems Fletch has fulfilled her demands more than once (too much info there, I think).

– And the difference between goblins and elves is that “Goblins are creepy. Elves bring joy to a child’s heart,” according to Serena. But what about pixies?

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