Holby City: Whose head?

(Series 20, ep. 20 ‘Blind Spot’ by Katie Douglas 15.5.18) Oh, Fletch. At the beginning of this episode we saw him waking up in bed alongside a blonde head (presumably attached to a body, unless Holby has gone very twisted). But whose blonde head could it be?

Flash-back 24 hours, and who should appear at Holby but Sydney Somers (Gemma Oaten), now in charge of the agency that provides the hospital with extra nurses. When she last appeared there was a bit of a spark between her and Fletch, and she has blonde hair, too. It seemed the mystery was solved.

Fletch and Sydney clashed over the agency workers’ terms and conditions of employment, and it almost ended with the agency refusing to supply any nurses at all, which would have meant Donna missing Mia’s school concert. At the last minute, Fletch and Sydney thrashed out a solution and went to Albie’s to celebrate. Which is where they got drunk and ended up sleeping together, yes? 

No. Fletch was summoned back to the hospital by Abi ‘Slippers’ Tate, who as well as slippers has blonde hair, a keen eye for a nurse in a suit and no qualms about pouncing on her staff members. Oh, Fletch (as I said at the beginning).

He was perhaps a little bit distracted because once again he had Mikey wafting around the wards learning valuable life lessons about friendship. Fletch was very concerned about the  company Mikey was keeping, but not concerned enough to go home with him at the end of the day rather than go to Albie’s. And Donna wasn’t concerned enough about Mia to take her for a post-concert pizza rather than go back to Albie’s, but that’s the lure of Albie’s for you.

Meanwhile, Henrik Hanssen, having gone from wearing a suit and having a desk and knowing all the answers, to wearing a jumper and still having a desk and not knowing all the answers, was once again back in a suit but still without knowing the answers and even without a desk. No wonder people were concerned about him. Dom (in a gorgeous, touching little scene) said he wasn’t himself and that the hospital needs him, and Dominic needs him too. Roxanna said he wasn’t dealing with things well.

Hanssen went outside to ponder at the Raf Di Lucca Memorial Thing, where he was joined by Sacha. I think Sacha keeps an eye on the Memorial Thing and if he sees someone heading that way he dashes out to give them some supportive words. His supportive words in this case were that Holby doesn’t just need Hanssen, it needs him to be strong. Hanssen was finally convinced. He made a block booking with a therapist and has promised he will deal with his issues, but will keep working in the meantime.

When not dashing out to the Shrubbery, Sacha was busy trying to convince Nicky that his medical trial (funded by himself, bless him) was as exciting as Prof Gaskell’s. If excitement is measured by the light of enthusiasm in someone’s eyes, Sacha’s trial must be absolutely brilliant. It involves growing mould on scotch eggs in the staff fridge, so it does sound quite thrilling. 

In other news: Ric Griffin was back! Hurrah! And Meena has a lovely new hairstyle.

In other other news: I’ve written some books! 

HOLBY CITY BEHIND THE SCREEN – because if you like Holby, you’ll like a book about Holby.

HALF A WORLD AWAY – “East Berlin is depicted in cinematic detail… A powerful story quite unlike anything I’ve read before” – Miranda Dickinson


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  1. Oh Fletch indeed. He’s scuppered any wisp of a chance with Jac now!!


  3. Sam Glennerster

    Mikey reminds me of a young Zammo from Grange Hill