Holby City: Doctors, nurses and their messy lives

(Series 20, ep. 18 ‘Headstrong’ by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 1.5.18) It was one of those shifts that had started off so busy that its busyness could only be conveyed via the medium of a quick montage. Fletch had gone into work early to deal with a myriad of nurse stuff. he also made a strong case to CEO Abigail that AAU needs some new nurses and a senior staff nurse, and for that latter role only Donna will do. Abigail said yes to the new nurses and senior staff nurse, but she wasn’t convinced by the Donna part, because Donna wasn’t up to speed on some little protocol or other. I hate to keep comparing Abigail with Hanssen, but I’m quite sure he wouldn’t have put ignorance of a new protocol over being a damn fine nurse. Serena certainly didn’t. 

Abigail as a character may still be in her honeymoon period, but I’m not warming to her yet. Yes, I know she wears slippers at work, which is cute, but apart from that, I’m still getting something of a Vanessa Lytton vibe from her. 

She may come good though. Just look at Xavier. One minute he’s a twonk, and the next he’s bailing out Nicky’s debts to the tune of £12,000. Presumably this is money he earned in his “munch it, lunch it” days, because not many junior doctors have that kind of cash to spray around. But why was he giving the money to Nicky? Because Meena cares about her, and he cares about Meena, apparently. Only not enough to have spent the previous evening with her. But what was he doing instead? I suspect there are all sorts of hidden depths to Xavier – and not just the munch it, lunch it ones.

But back to AAU, where Fletch’s day got considerably more difficult when his son Mikey turned up (“Hi Auntie Serena! Looking foxy as ever”), wanting to know why Fletch was always at work and not spending quality (or quantity) time with the Fletchlings.

Any appearance of Mikey is fine by me, and the decision to pair him up with the radiant Sheilagh Chiltern was genius. Sheilagh needed surgery this time, and it was a bit touch and go whether she’d make it – but she did. Hurrah! We learned from Sheilagh that Dominic is staying at his mum Carol’s (please let us see Carol and Sheilagh together one day!), but he’s keeping in touch with Sheilagh and making it quite clear how much he treasures Lofty. This is all excellent news.

Mikey decided he’d tackle Fletch’s over-working issue by having a go at Abigail about it. This was a slightly implausible scene, but you can’t accuse the lad of a lack of confidence. By the end of the shift, Fletch wasn’t convinced that his new role was actually worth it, and was considering going back to his old job (or the job he’d previously wanted Donna to do? I’m easily confused).

Elsewhere, while Nicky wasn’t worrying about money she was worrying about recurring patient Hannah. And Hanssen’s flirtation with casual wear seems to have been short-lived – he was back in full suit-and-tie mode. Quite right too.

HOLBY CITY BEHIND THE SCREEN – “I’m staggered at the amount of work that goes into making one episode!”

HALF A WORLD AWAY – “One of those stories which stays with you long after the last page is turned.”


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11 responses to “Holby City: Doctors, nurses and their messy lives

  1. To be fair to Hanssen, he was sporting a rather fetching jumper under the jacket, giving him a “Geography teacher at Parents’ Evening” vibe.

  2. Also, I think there are hidden depths to Xavier. I hope it’s because he wants to do something good with the money he seems to hate, and not because he’s up to something nefarious further down the line. Also, if someone offered to bail me out my immediate question would be, “why are you doing this?” That whole scene seemed a little implausible, until I saw the Mikey/Amanda scene, and that was even more implausible (but a whole lot more fun.) Still, this is Planet Holby! Can we have a Hanssen makeover montage please? (He’d look lovely with an earring…)

  3. mrssatan

    That was a text book loom HH did… sheer perfection

  4. Nicky didn’t even say “thank you” to Xavier.I really like Mikey, but that telling- off and threat scene with Abigail was over the top. Maybe this type of behavior which children express these days is too typical towards their elders. Where has “show respect” and “know your place” gone? Loved the scene where Mikey tells Serena how foxy she looks and the look on her face!!!

  5. Martin

    Can we start a petition to sack Abigail?

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