Holby City: Gaskell has a proposition for Ric

(Series 20, ep. 15 ‘Tate Gallery’ by Joe Ainsworth 10.4.18) Number one reason to like new CEO Abigail Tate: she wears slippers under her desk. Number one reason to dislike her: she uses the phrase “blue sky thinking.” She’s no Hanssen, that’s for sure. He’d never wear slippers under his desk, and he was accustomed to giving his pep talks from the stairs next to AAU. Abi gives hers via video.

She wanted blue sky thinking and “game changing ideas” from the entire staff team, and the prize was a lot of money to spend developing the winning idea. That’s even more of an incentive than a Pulses’ gift card, I’m sure you’ll agree. Ric thought he’d have another go with the artificial bladder idea that got such short shrift last week and Sacha also had some exciting thing to pitch. Judging all of this was Abi, Prof Gaskell, a man who didn’t say anything and Sanjay from EastEnders (Deepak Verma). 

We didn’t see Sacha’s pitch, but it didn’t go well, by his own account, bless him. Ric’s pitch went down very well indeed, particularly with Prof Gaskell, who immediately pinched the “artificial” part of the scheme, because it might be just what he needs for his stem cell project.

By the end of the episode he was telling Ric that he’d talked Sanjay from EastEnders into giving Ric the money, and the use of an excellent research facility in Leeds, where he could go and develop his idea and also finish his post-prison-probationary-period away from Holby.

It all sounds very positive, doesn’t it? Except I think by now everyone watching Holby will be wearing the Roxanna Macmillan patented worried expression every time Professor Gaskell appears. Roxanna has known him a lot longer than we have, so if she has ethical concerns about the way he ploughs ahead with his research regardless of casualties like Fiona (dead) and Essie (vanished), then I’m worried too. And is he setting Roxanna, and indeed Ric, up to take the next fall if something else goes wrong? I wouldn’t bet against it.

All the patients o’ the week this week were repeats. Keller had Will Harrington (Paul McEwan), the man who wanted to be cured of his addiction to drugs without being left thinking that the whole of existence was as tedious as Masterchef. Luckily for him, his latest brain surgery seems to have worked.

AAU had Kit McNeil (Ade Haastrup – I do like people whose surnames begin with Haas), who we previously saw when he was Ric Griffin’s boxing buddy. He needed a spectacularly messy piece of surgery, which Ric Griffin had to help Serena with despite him being on probation.

And Darwin had Fletch’s Evie’s sort-of teacher Hannah (Sasha Clarke), who as well as a dodgy heart has gender identity issues. Luckily for her Frieda was on hand to provide her own quirky, yet deeply sensible, brand of support.

Fletch was concerned about whether Abigail was doing her best for Hannah, what with all her meetings, video pep-talks and having to change in and out of her slippers all day long. Abigail reassured him that if it ever came to a choice between being a surgeon and a CEO, she will always put surgery first. As long as she can wear slippers with her scrubs.

Commercial break: I’ve got a new book out tomorrow! It’s called Half A World Away and it isn’t about Holby, but it’s a cracking read all the same. There is a book about Holby, too.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Gaskell has a proposition for Ric

  1. thebigmart

    I don’t understand why Ric has to be put on probation. He was on remand for several weeks, and then was found not guilty. He is the same surgeon as he was before he was sent down. It is as if they are punishing him, because the law wouldn’t. When he or other surgeons return from holiday, they are not put on probation.

    • Martin

      Abigail has put Ric on probation simply because she can. I don’t see her lasting very long. I think both she and Gaskell will soon be out.

  2. mrssatan

    I fear we are going to have another Self Serving Centre of Ego Boosting as originally planned by Guy Self(ish!) if someone doesn’t slam the brakes on the Prof…

  3. HolbyNut

    Long and short of it… Gaskell is creepy!

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