Holby City: Gaskell takes risks and Ric risks Jason’s cake

(Series 20, ep. 14 ‘Tete a Tate’ by Joe Ainsworth 3.1.18) Today we met new CEO Abigail Tate (Olivia Poulet). She’s a heart surgeon, so well done to the fictional HR department for finding a Hanssen/Jac combo (jobs-wise) at such short notice.

It remains to be seen what she’ll be like as a CEO. Her managerial style seems at first glance to be ‘by the book and a tad on the cautious side,’ but that’s perhaps sensible given that she had one doctor just back from a spell in the nick and another one attempting who-knows-what maverick stuff all over the place. At times like this a bit of caution is probably what’s needed. All the same, she could have been more supportive of Ric’s artificial bladder idea.

That’s the CEO side of her job, but we haven’t seen what Abi’s like with a scalpel in her hand yet. What Fletch has already concluded is that she is no Jac Naylor. He was being especially fussy with her because he was rather fond of her patient, Hannah (Sasha Clarke), who was one of Evie’s (sort of) teachers, but Abi is going to have her work cut out impressing Holby’s best bearded nurse. 

Ric Griffin arrived for his first day back at the hospital to be greeted with a flurry of reporters, but they weren’t flurrying for him – they were there for Prof Gaskell and his latest ground-breaking, super-risky procedure. Ric did get a nice welcome from his colleagues on AAU, including hugs from Serena and a coffee and beetroot cake baked by Jason which turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

It was downhill from there, as Abigail Tate swiftly put Ric on ‘light duties.’ This was particularly frustrating when there was some vein surgery to be done, because Ric has always been our go-to guy for veins. After the patient (Tom Palmer) had managed to hit himself in his own surgical wound, Ric was on hand to help, but was told off by Abigail for breaching the terms of his probationary period. Frustration over this almost led to him deciding to leave, at which point the Holby-watching world will have been weeping tears of anguished despair because we can’t lose any more beloved regulars at the moment, we just can’t. He’s staying after all, though, so we can calm down for now.

Prof Gaskell’s maverick procedure o’ the week was to try and sort out the terrible addiction problems of Will Harrington (Paul McEwan) by poking about in his brain a bit. Obviously it was more technical than that. It was also more risky than that, as Roxanna pointed out to Will. Most likely he would be left without the capacity to feel joy and excitement. He’d be in a permanent state of ‘meh,’ much like me watching Masterchef.

The Prof was not best pleased that Roxanna had sown the seeds of doubt in Will’s mind, and persuaded her to get him to go ahead with the procedure. Gaskell also offered Roxanna a spot on his stem cell research team – a poisoned chalice if ever there was one, as Essie could testify if she was still around. It was partly Hanssen’s idea, as he realises Roxanna is at a loose end now that she doesn’t have to spend most of her days staring worriedly/hopefully at Oliver Valentine.

The surgery went wrong, and would have gone even more wrong had Roxanna not been there to drill a handy bore hole and persuade the Prof not to carry on with the procedure. Will was left with his crack addiction not only intact but possibly also enhanced, and with the Masterchef ‘meh’ thing as well.

Roxanna has now told the Prof that she wants to be part of his stem cell team. Is she saying this just out of post-Ollie boredom, or is she hoping she might be able to put the brakes on Gaskell’s more maverick tendencies, or what? The Prof says she won’t regret her decision – but he probably said that to Essie, and look how that turned out.

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15 responses to “Holby City: Gaskell takes risks and Ric risks Jason’s cake

  1. One thing I am not clear about; when Essie left, did she take the remainder Raf’s money with her?

  2. And what is Hanssen’s role now? Is this a couple of weeks later or what? There seems to be a bit missing. Also, the new CEO’s arrival was very understated. When Hanssen arrived, there was an announcement and a rousing speech in the stairwell. This one has come with a bit of a whimper. I like her though. I think she has more guts than it first appears.

    • Mr Donnelly

      Presumably Hanssen’s performing a similar role to the one Guy Self did after he stepped down from being CEO.

    • Mr Aljamaa

      Hanssen was also a consultant general surgeon, when he was a CEO and I guess he’ll just be a surgeon from now on.

  3. Mr Donnelly

    However short they are of doctors, surely the CEO shouldn’t be one as well. They always used to be non clinical, the most memorable being Jane Greyson, played by Stella Gonet. I would love to see her come back to turn the hospital around.

  4. HolbyNut

    Where are the ‘whole team’ Serena told Ric were going to Albies? A sorry turnout. Where was Sasha, Dom, Hansen? Can’t lose any more regulars. Please!

  5. thunderchild

    I got a bit of a Leslie Ash vibe from the new CEO.

  6. thebigmart

    If the ‘whole team’ were going to Albies, who would be running the hospital? (Is there another ‘team’ that we don’t see who takeover?

  7. MEyley

    Brilliant review, thank you.