Casualty: Zax the way I like it

(Series 32, ep. 20 by Matthew Barry and Kelly Jones 13.1.18) If there was one thing that was going to tempt me back to Casualty after not watching it for I don’t know how long, it was the promise of seeing Dr Zoe Hanna again.

And there she was in all her magnificence, scrunching a ciggie out with her unfeasibly high, unfeasibly pointy shoe and slathering herself in Chanel No. 5. Max smelled her before he saw her – the cigarettes and Chanel combo that he knows and loves.

But did he love it, or even love her? He made every effort during the episode to pretend he didn’t, and even went so far as to lend her a pen so she could sign their divorce papers. 

Three minutes to go before the end of the episode, and it looked like the only way they would end up together would be a last-minute-dash-to-the-airport scenario. Max left it even later than that – Zoe was on the plane before Max plumped himself down into the adjacent seat. Hurrah for the entirely lax security at Holby Airport! And hurrah for Max being able to organise US visas and all manner of admin in double-quick time, because after they’ve been to Madrid for Zoe’s work-related conference, they’re going to America to start a new life together. And I don’t care a bit that it was all implausible and a bit daft, because it’s Max and it’s Zoe and they’re lovely and I needed a happy ending today and that’s most certainly what it was. 

Elsewhere, Elle’s son Blake (Kai Thorne) appeared as a patient after one of these internet pranking accidents, and he left the hospital having acquired a few stitches and a new dad in the chunky shape of Jacob.

The other patients o’ the week were a drug addict (Samuel Edward-Cook) who threw acid in the face of a woman (Natalie Dew) who was being beaten up by her boyfriend (Ben Mansfield) who also happened to be an old school friend of Max’s. Medical school, that is. Did we know before that Max did six months of doctor training before dropping out? But not before everyone else had realised that if he’d stuck at it, he’d have been the best doctor this side of… oh, Dr Zoe Hanna.


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3 responses to “Casualty: Zax the way I like it

  1. thebigmart

    So lovely to see Zoe again. Wish she would come back on a transfer to Holby; maybe there would be an exciting job that she couldn’t resist at Holby that she would want. (Didn’t she previously do Connie’s job, and didn’t like it?)

  2. We always know that nothing is over when we see someone actually getting onto a plane! I was fully expecting Zoe to jump out of her seat and hurry off the plane. Never occurred to me that Max would turn up on board but that is because my mind is too practical. I said to my husband how convenient it was that Max had his passport with him at work. No change of clothes? Those undies are going to be passion killers in a couple of days.

    The joy that is Casualty!

  3. PLL

    I still have my fingers crossed that Zoe will come back in future (and we’ll get Zylan!). Thank you for the review; you’re a star. 😀