Holby City: All bleeding eventually stops

(Series 19, ep. 61 ‘Group Animal, Part One’ by Andy Bayliss 5.12.17) Jac has been suffering for months now – ever since Jasmine died back in June. We saw her pain in the weeks just after that – remember when she looked so tightly held together it seemed like she might explode at any minute? Since then she’s been her snarky, sarcastic, business-as-usual self, until recently – when it became clear that she hasn’t dealt with losing her sister at all, and she isn’t coping.

And then this episode started with Jac, looking more relaxed than she has for weeks, telling Raf that she was leaving Holby. She was going to take her daughter a long way away, and concentrate on being a mother and being happy.

Thousands of Jac Naylor fans blinked back tears of disbelief. Holby without Jac? Surely not? But worse was to come. 

A flash-back to 10 hours earlier, and we weren’t even in Holby any more. We were in Lisbon, and watching the fabulously brilliant Professor John Gaskell (played by the fabulously brilliant Paul McGann), who had managed to reverse motor neurone disease using stem cell therapy. A man who couldn’t walk before now can.

Back at Holby, almost the entire cast were assembled to watch this miracle via video link, and it’s fair to say that the whole hospital was somewhat star-struck that this hero of modern medicine was coming to ply his trade at Holby. All apart from Jac, who was too busy being snappy and stressy and taking it out on Ollie.

When Prof Gaskell arrived at Holby he evaded the reception committee (Donna, Essie and a few others) waiting by the door and materialised in the basement, where Jac was practising her surgical technique on a disembodied heart. You know Jac’s in trouble when she feels the need to practise. And straight away I thought – Jac can’t leave. She just can’t. I want to see Rosie Marcel and Paul McGann in lots more scenes like this.

It turns out that John Gaskell is an old college chum of Hanssen’s (I never thought I’d use the words “Hanssen” and “chum” in the same sentence), and like Hanssen he likes to do his homework about future colleagues, so he knew all about Jac – both her reputation as a surgeon and all about Jasmine and Fran and Guy Self and Zosia. All the pressures that have been piling up on her. What he doesn’t know is you can’t just have a friendly word with her and give her a hug and make her feel better – not unless you know her really, really well. Not unless you’re Sacha, in fact, or Fletch, both of whom knew something was wrong and were there to catch her if she should fall. She almost crumbled during ninja-level surgery with Prof Gaskell, and had to repeat Sacha’s mantra of “All bleeding comes from cut vessels, all bleeding eventually stops” to get her through. Even then, it took a pep talk from Prof Gaskell to keep her on track.

As I said, all very un-Jac-like, but she got through it and then just went to pieces in Fletch’s arms, letting all the suppressed grief and emotion out. It was amazing work from Rosie Marcel.

After that she decided she didn’t need all this stress, and we were back to where we were at the beginning. Jac actually apologised to Ollie for being horrible to him. “It’s your duty to stay and become the consultant you should be,” she told him. Morven wondered what all that was about. “She’s leaving,” said Ollie, rather sadly.

And she was. She asked Raf to give her resignation letter to Hanssen, and breezed off down the stairs to a new and happy life with her daughter.

If only she’d gone out via Pulses instead of choosing some weird basement route. Maybe she chose that basement route to have one last little connection with Jasmine, who died there? But then she bumped into someone who shouldn’t have been there. Someone with a gun and a grudge. And the last we saw of Jac, she was bleeding and doubled up in pain, and doubtless that mantra about bleeding was echoing around her brain. And I’m ever so worried about her one kidney.

Essie, who heard the gunshot, had had a bad feeling all day long. She’d lost her wedding ring (it’s probably gone to the same place as Ollie’s. I blame magpies), and when Raf was faced with having to deliver triplet babies while saving their desperately ill mother, Essie was feeling like things would turn out badly. But mother and babies were fine, and Raf was rightly pleased with his day’s work.

But will his skills and his ECMO, and Ollie’s skills, and Sacha’s and Prof Gaskell’s, be enough to save Jac? And is the person with the gun still in the hospital? Who is it, anyway? Thank goodness we only have to wait until Thursday!

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8 responses to “Holby City: All bleeding eventually stops

  1. wiggles247

    Loved the last 10-15 minutes (and Rosie was, as always, magnificent throughout) but found the rest all a bit opaque and turgid if I’m honest. Also, I’m not really feeling the new chap at all yet (not to mention my discomfort about the whole ‘I’ve found a cure for MND’ s/l which seems irresponsible verging on cruel) and just found him a bit annoying if I’m honest.

    And, just to add, IF they do kill the ‘divine Miss Naylor’ off I may well stop watching the show in protest.

  2. Didn’t she tell Raf she was going to see Sacha???? Hence why she was in the basement, he was down there with Gaskell, Essie and Henrick wasn’t he???

  3. HolbyNut

    Just brilliant! Can’t wait for Thursday.
    Agree that Jac must must must be OK as Holby wouldn’t be Holby without her. Love Sacha and love Fletch and love Ollie too.
    Agree with lots of the comments on FB that Holby needs to win best drama and it’s actors more accolade. If you’re a fan (as I am) you feel such connection with the characters – don’t have that to the same degree in any other drama!

  4. Aww cud of cried wid Jac(Rosie Macel) last nite bless her..did go mad at first wen she was being horrid to Ollie..but later on she apologised 😌 n she let Morven scrub in wid Ollie as well..n i think it’s either Jeremy or Fredrick or cud be a red herring m cud be Fran..who shot poor Jac n all she wants to do is spend time wid her daughter how can someone do that to another human being😮🙊..still ♥️ Professor 👨🏾‍🏫 David Hopkins(Fraser James) n Hansen can’t leave Fletch out he was so lush eid Jac hope she ok now on tender hooks for the next episode 🙈🙊😳..Sue Hassler always ♥️Reading ur reviews this group is the best one by mile there’s no catty or bitchness like some of the groups i’m on

  5. thunderchild

    Excellent acting from Rosie Marcel – give that woman an Oscar now!

    I’m reserving judgement on Paul McGann at the moment because of with everything else going on there was just too much to take in.

    Intrigued as to who the mystery assailant is; the text messages Donna received suggest Jeremy but is to obvious? I’ve seen Fran suggested but I think Jac might have reacted a little differently if was her she’d just come to face to face with. Frederick? He’d obviously have better knowledge of how to get into the basement. At least we haven’t got long to wait.

    Apparently a death has been teased – my moneys on Roxanna’s husband.

  6. Ms Boods

    I can’t see Paul McGann as a doctor without remembering his character from Paper Mask (the first thing I saw him in, years ago now!). It adds a fun dimension to his character, that’s for sure.

  7. Thank you! Missed a couple of episodes prior to this and was slightly confused. This really helped!