Holby City: The one that got away

(Series 19, ep. 58 ‘It Has To Be Now’ by Becky Prestwich 14.11.17) I know it’s all about the career and that, but you have to say that perhaps Zosia was a bit hasty going off to America and leaving brand new husband Oliver Valentine behind. Because, let’s face it, he’s absolutely adorable. Even if we put his beautiful blue eyes to one side (if you see what I mean), he’s just a really lovely person.

This week he was going head-to-head against neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan (Hermione Gulliford) for funding. It was either his biopatch project, or her virtual reality/dementia project. Ollie had a suitable candidate in Mr Duffy (Nick Raggett), who had a tumour called Medusa who was a bit of a diva, apparently (don’t ask). It looked like things were going Ollie’s way when a computer problem meant Roxanna had no access to her notes, but luckily her husband dashed to the hospital with a copy. Her husband was David Hopkins (Fraser James), a big cheese in the CT world. Ollie went quite fangirly for a moment. 

It soon became clear that there was a personal element to Roxanna’s interest in dementia. David helped Ollie persuade Mr Duffy to go ahead with the surgery when he had a wobble about it in the Shrubbery, but then David tried to scrub in on the op, claiming that Mr Duffy was his patient. He tried to pass it off as a joke, but that hadn’t been the only example of odd behaviour – and Ollie discovered that David had dementia himself.

So this is where Ollie being super lovely comes in. After he’d given his presentation to Nina, she asked him if there was anything he’d like to add. He wrote on the slide, ‘Choose her.’ He thought there would be another chance for his biopatch project, but for Roxanna and David, “it has to be now.” Hanssen told Ollie that Zosia would be proud of him. I’m proud of him, anyway.

There was a mystery woman on AAU, and she was played by acting legend Imogen Stubbs. But who was she? Only Morven’s mother Evelyn Chapman, that’s who. Morven hadn’t seen her mum since she was a little girl, but Lofty had managed to track her down via th’internet, though he hadn’t had time to either mention Morven to her, or her to Morven, before Evelyn came down with a bad case of The Holby Curse and ended up on AAU in agony.

Morven wasn’t wearing her name badge (standards have slipped on AAU since Serena and Bernie went away, Ric was put on gardening leave and Fletch was shunted to Darwin), which meant that Evelyn didn’t have a single clue who she was until Morven told her (I know her surname has changed, but Morven is not such a common name that Evelyn wouldn’t at least have thought “Hmmm…” when she saw it). The scenes between Evelyn and Morven were beautifully played, particularly when Morven had to explain why her surname was now Digby, and that she’d really needed her mum when she lost Arthur. Morven hoped for some kind of relationship now they’d found each other, but Evelyn had a new family now, who didn’t know about the three children she’d had with Austin Shreve.

Luckily Morven has her Holby family, who were all assembled at Albie’s at the end of the shift for a wedding party. Raf and Essie have only been and quietly got married! I think she’s keeping her maiden name for work, though, because Essie Di Lucca sounds more like an Italian footballer than a nurse. Actually, maybe the Italian team could have done with Essie Di Lucca on their side this week…

The hardest thing was Essie telling Sacha, and it was a heartbreaking, touching scene. Sacha looked so sad, behind a mask of Sacha niceness and love for her. He just wants her to be happy, but I think it breaks his heart that it’s not with him. Later on, in Albie’s among the inflated surgical gloves and other impromptu bunting (it’s times like this when we sorely need the party planning skills of Chantelle Lane or Adele Effanga), Sacha told Essie she means the world to him, and she always will. Oh, Essie. Raf is a sweetheart, but isn’t Sacha really the man for you?


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5 responses to “Holby City: The one that got away

  1. HolbyNut

    100% agree. Ollie is just a pet!

  2. PLL

    Am I the only one who thinks there’s zero chemistry between Raf and Essie? Just compare their scenes together with the few seconds we had between Essie/Sacha near the end…

    And yes, Ollie does have the prettiest eyes. No fair. 😦

  3. Have I missed something? Where did Roxanna appear from and why was she using the staff room as an office?

  4. The episode contained some possibly good storylines, BUT to me they seemed rushed especially Morven/mother interaction .Roxanna, David and Ollie’s contributions were great! The wedding celebration at Albies was not one of the shows best. My heart goes out to Sacha, he is such a compassionate person. His heart is broken. I don’t think Raf and Essie will last.
    Watching the episode unfold was like seeing a bouncing ball in action. Maybe, I miss Serena and Bernie too much.

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