Holby City: But can you trust him though?

(Series 19, ep. 55 ‘Things Left Unsaid’ by Robert Goldsbrough 24.10.17) Oh, I miss Mr T. These days when people want to have pregnancies confirmed on Holby they have to see a Mr Fitzwallace. He doesn’t say much, but what he did say came as a shock to Nina. It seems she’s With Child, but sadly she’s not With Matteo, the presumed father of the child. He’s found a new flat and is about to move out, because he just can’t get past her thinking for one minute that he might have harmed their missing-presumed-dead child, Nico.

In typical soap fashion, whenever she tried to tell him about the baby his phone rang or there was some other interruption. Luckily, there was one person she could confide in. Unluckily it was Fredrik Johanssen, who had spotted the aforementioned Mr Fitzwallace looking for Nina, and had spotted Nina about to barf. He’s a father himself and medically qualified, so was easily able to draw the correct conclusion. 

Case o’ the week was a live donor kidney transplant. Typical – no sooner has Essie been demoted from the post of transplant coordinator than she finds herself with a transplant to coordinate. Despite some last-minute nerves from the donor, who was the father of the person in need of the kidney, the operation went ahead and was a success. But Fredrik had withheld the information that the father, Sebastian (Nick Waring), had wanted to tell his son Reuben (Tom Morley) that he’d been drunk-driving when Reuben’s mother was killed in a car crash. This information may or may not have resulted in the operation being cancelled, but Nina felt it was wrong/unethical of Fredrik not to say anything. 

Fredrik doesn’t take well to criticism, but he didn’t have to worry for long because Nina blamed herself for being distracted all day and wandering off to Pulses every five minutes to try to find Matteo, so she said she’d take full responsibility if anyone complained. And she’s offered to mentor Fredrik for some award or other. “But the baby has to be our secret,” she warned him. His reply – “You can trust me. You have my word” – would have been just a casual remark placed anywhere else in the episode or the scene (and coming from anyone else), but coming from Fredrik right before the end credits started to roll, it took on an ominous tone.

They had a lovely patient on Darwin. Hershie (Ewart James Walters) was suffering from seizures in which he relived, in vivid detail, scenes from his past. I think we’d all like a bit of that, as long as we could choose which scenes. Hershie must have lived a blameless life, because all of his visions were happy and he rather enjoyed them, but unfortunately they messed his heart rhythm up something rotten. This was spotted by neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan (Hermione Gulliford) – who happened to be the very same neurosurgeon who operated on Dr Tara Lo.

Naturally this wasn’t easy for Ollie, and he and Roxanna disagreed about how to treat their patient. In the end, Hershie decided he’d rather have a better chance of a future but lose his visions by having the brain operation (which would fix his heart). So Ollie had to be there while the same brain surgeon did a very similar surgery to the one that his (first) wife didn’t survive.

The surgery went a bit pear-shaped for a moment and Ollie was ready to get in and fix the heart and abandon the brain part, but Roxanna convinced him that they needed to work together. Afterwards she reassured him that she’d done everything possible and everything right in Tara’s surgery. It’s not the end of them working together, either – they’re going head to head (and heart to heart, presumably) for some research money.

Hershie emerged from his surgery alive, but his visions of the past had stopped. On AAU, there was a patient, Bedelia (Rachel Davies), who also lost her past, in the form of lots of dusty old memorabilia she carried around everywhere. Dust mites were making her ill, so all of her stuff had to be burned. This was sad, but at least she had someone sympathetic on her side. Lofty’s transfer to AAU has been accepted, and he got himself a new pair of shoes to wear on his first day. Despite AAU being shoe-sick central, the shoes remained unscathed – for now. It was Morven’s first day as a CT1, and she was keen to stamp her authority on the ward, especially with Ric Griffin away (he’s on gardening leave because of the dead woman from last week). So she was in no mood to indulge Bedelia, who was known as a frequent flyer and hypochondriac. Invariably where there’s a situation where one person thinks someone is just messing them around but another has a hunch that there’s something seriously wrong, the one with the hunch will be proved correct. So although Lofty annoyed Morven by not carrying out her instructions to get Bedelia treated and streeted as soon as possible, in the end she had to concede that he’s a darn fine nurse.

Dialogue of the week: Damon wanted to scrub in on Hershie’s operation, but they had all the surgeons they were going to need. “I don’t mind just standing still and holding the equipment,” he said. “You’re just describing a shelf,” said Ollie.

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  1. Nice touch that Bodelia referred to her paramedic – Iain off of Casualty – as ‘a pip’ ‘very masterful’ and ‘like a northern Timothy Dalton’ I do like my crossovers 🙂

  2. mrssatan

    Fredrik is seeming more than a little psychopathic to me… his mannerisms, behaviour… I keep expecting HH to get a visit from the Holby police saying that the Swedish police have arrested Sarah and have an international arrest warrant for Fredrik after finding bodies buried in their cellar!

    F&S are as creepy as hell!