Holby City: Do you mind not mentioning that?

(Series 19, ep. 52 ‘Left Behind’ by Wendy Granditer 3.10.17) Matteo and Nina were all romantic and couply at the start of the episode. Could their happiness last for an entire 60 minutes?

Maybe it could have, if it wasn’t for AAU patient o’ the week Maxine (Kate Anthony – AKA Auntie Pam from Coronation Street). Maxine never forgot a face. She remembered that Donna had occasionally frequented her pub, and she remembered Nina’s face from… where was it now? Possibly Coronation Street, but that would have been no use to Holby, plot-wise. When Matteo was called to consult on Maxine’s case, she remembered where she’d seen Nina and Matteo before – they were the tragic couple whose son had gone missing.This made Nina suffer from blurred vision effects in theatre, which isn’t what you want in a surgeon and Ric had to be called in to finish off while she went to have a sit down.

The loss of a child, especially when there hasn’t been an explanation or even a body to bury, must be unbearable pain. Nina admitted that there had been a time when she’d even wondered if Matteo might have been involved in Nico’s disappearance. Her mind had gone to “some very dark places,” she said. And it was at this time, while she was in Berlin, that she’d confided in Guy Self, and hired a private investigator to check up on Matteo. A double betrayal, as far as Matteo was concerned.

It was Nico’s 16th birthday, and as they lit a candle for him in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish, Matteo said he couldn’t handle not being trusted by her. So no, their happiness didn’t last long at all. 

Oliver Valentine, whose wedded bliss lasted for about 30 seconds, was back at work on Darwin and his “family” of Fletch, Matteo and Damon were looking out for him, while he was busy trying to put a “Zosia who?” look on his face and carry on as normal. Patient o’ the week Brian (Nav Sidhu) was rather weirdly interested in Ollie’s personal life, which didn’t help. I think Ollie’s going to be okay, though – he still managed to wind Fletch up beautifully in possibly the most awkward “counselling session” ever. And he has Jac’s support, both for his exciting biopatch initiative and for his career generally. “Working alongside me, what could possibly go wrong?” she said. 

Meanwhile, on Keller Fredrik asked Hanssen if he would mentor him. Hanssen wasn’t keen on the idea, because of possible accusations of nepotism and because Fredrik is a tiny bit scary. So he gave him to Sacha to mentor instead. If anyone can bring out the sunny side in a person, it’s Sacha.

Their patient was Neil (Tim Preece, who is one of those actors who’s been in everything), who had very nasty cancer. Fredrik proposed surgery that would give him maybe months or years of quality life, but Neil wasn’t keen. He didn’t want drastic treatment and signed a DNR because living with the fear of death scared him more than death itself (he put it a lot more eloquently than that). Fredrik didn’t want to take no for an answer, and when Sacha wouldn’t support him he went to Hanssen to tell him that Sacha was suffering from depression (ha! You thought the Holby scriptwriters had forgotten Sacha’s depression!) and possibly his judgement was impaired. This made Hanssen Very Cross Indeed (cross at Fredrik, not Sacha).

In the end Neil changed his mind and agreed to the op. Sacha covered for Fredrik with Hanssen and said that he’d done very well.

But then Hanssen had to work instead of going for dinner with Fredrik and family – and Fredrik was not best pleased. He went for a pint with Sacha instead, but he wasn’t happy. He’s just a mass of unresolved daddy issues, and only daddy will do.

I expect you would love to know how James Anderson and Christian Vit got on when they shadowed real doctors to prepare for their roles? You’ll need Holby City: Behind the Screen – the access-all-areas, licensed by the BBC, written by me book. Coming soon!

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6 responses to “Holby City: Do you mind not mentioning that?

  1. wiggles247

    I though Nina’s ‘blurred vision effects’ might be a sign of her being pregnant but no doubt I’m way off the mark.

    Don’t know why but yesterday’s episode felt a little flat (and ?sparse) to me. Maybe I was expecting more because it was the end of the series, which I know doesn’t mean that much when it’s on again next week, but I do remember them as normally having a bit more oomph.

    Or maybe it was that there wasn’t that much Jac and no Dom and Hanssen wasn’t being that Hanssen-ish (except when he got quietly furious with Frederik, who I’m still not liking)

    • But next week is series 19, ep. 53, so it’s not over yet!

    • wiggles247

      Sometimes it is very nice to be proved right!!! (My pregnancy detection skills are obviously almost as good as Victoria Sugden’s from Emmerdale) Sorry, belated crowing because I’ve only just got my laptop back and running.

  2. wiggles247

    So they’ve had more episodes than weeks in the year??? How does that work???

    And the episode still felt lacking somehow to me…..

  3. Wendy

    While understanding for plot purposes Matteo and Nina being recognised I’m confused as I thought their son disappeared outside of the UK.
    Maybe I need to pay better attention !