Holby City: Together, apart

(Series 19, ep. 51 ‘Veil of Tears, Part Two’ by Michelle Lipton 26.9.17) Some marriages last longer than others on Holby City (and in real life), but the marriage of the auspiciously named Mr and Mrs Valentine scarcely made it past ‘I do.’ The wedding night was spent with the bride, still in her wedding dress, keeping vigil at her unconscious father’s bedside. The groom, meanwhile, had had time to change into a lovely blue shirt that matched his eyes. In fact Ollie was looking at his most dashing throughout the episode.

And he’s nice as well. I mean, he’s a proper catch – the sort of man who’ll support your career, putting his own plans on hold to stand by you by moving to America for six months and doing an AAU-type job in New Haven just so you can fulfil your dreams of being a top CT surgeon. 

Only in the end, he didn’t. It’s not just that he dreams of being a top CT surgeon too. It’s about realising that Zosia needs to get away from the whole Holby situation – her toxic father, memories of all the difficult times she’s been through. She needs a fresh start. Like I said, he’s nice.

So Zosia is going to Yale, and I’m going to miss her. Camilla Arfwedson gave us a really memorable character – strong, brave and touchingly vulnerable. I’ve loved her difficult relationship with her dad (and John Michie has been brilliant too – he was quite heartbreaking this week as he finally admitted how helpless he feels), her sweet friendships with Arthur and Dom, her humour. Although Zosia and Ollie made a beautiful couple, I’m glad that she’s gone as a (maybe temporarily) single woman, ready to focus on her career and herself.

Another relationship that might not have made it past that fated wedding night is Lofty and Dom. Lofty would seem to be exactly what Dominic needs at the moment. Basically he’s the anti-Isaac – kind, gentle, honest, no hidden agenda. And he clearly loves Dominic, but his admission that their night together was his first time with a man has made Dominic think that Lofty’s feelings are so heightened now that he can’t know what he really wants. So it’s back to keeping each other at arm’s length again.

Meanwhile Donna had been treated to a sight she won’t easily forget when she walked in on Ric in the shower. She and her girls are staying with him, remember, but that arrangement nearly ended when Ollie’s best man Nick, in AAU after knackering his knee, advised her to demand an apology from Ric for not locking his bathroom door. Nick was quite the man for useless advice this week. Luckily Ric is very fond of Donna, so she hasn’t found herself homeless again.

To read Camilla Arfwedson and John Michie’s views on the Selfie/Zosia story, and Camilla’s thoughts about her future plans, you’ll need the Holby City book. Not long to wait now!


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7 responses to “Holby City: Together, apart

  1. Christina

    I have hated Lofty’s character since Casualty (TOO WET!!!) but I did actually feel a bit sorry for him

  2. Laura

    I’ll miss Zosia and Guy too, really nuanced characters played brilliantly by the actors.

  3. thebigmart

    I do hope Zosia will return in six months. I will miss her, not least for her smiling face and personality.

  4. Sarah

    So sad to see Zosia go but glad that she and Ollie reached the decision like adults.

    I’m afraid I can’t agree about Lofty being just what Dom needs. Lofty is being incredibly intense and after everything Dom has been through I think he needs some fun and lightheartedness. Of course I’m bias because Dom is one of my favorite characters and Lofty is a sap!

  5. Michaela Eyley

    To me it was the most bitty and odd episode in a long while, especially the last scene when Zosia gave her wedding ring back to Ollie. So, the marriage is annulled now? I have had more interesting wet farts than that.

  6. Lynn Abbott

    I don’t understand why zosia had to give her rings back to Ollie. They’re still married, aren’t they? Sorry to see her go, hopefully temporarily, and Ollie missing his bride.

  7. holbybunners

    Zosia’s act in giving the rings back to Olly was symbolic .. I too hope that she returns!

    Contrary to most here it seems – I LIKE Lofty .. however Dom is right in wanting to cool things off …

    Donna has been an idiot ! Mind you she always was .. Ric was right to be irritated with her