Holby City: Wedding presence not required

(Series 19, ep. 50 ‘Veil of Tears, Part One’ by Joe Ainsworth 19.9.17) Ollie was delighted to see pocket-sized, Herzig-hearted God botherer Lexy, who had turned up to officiate at the Zollie wedding. Frankly I wouldn’t have been so pleased – have we ever seen Lexy preside over something that ended happily?

But surely nothing could go wrong this time. The wedding was in a magnificent location (Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire, which looked like it deserved a BBC drama all to itself). The bride looked incredibly beautiful and the groom was adorable. The guest list had been whittled down to a bare minimum – Ollie’s marvellously sarcastic mother (Diana Kent), his old pal Nick (Christopher Goh), Dominic and boyfriend Freddie and – because nobody had remembered to un-invite him – Lofty. Curly Watts and his David Bowie tribute act had also been cancelled, somewhat frustratingly for those of us who were eager to experience his ‘Space Oddity.’ 

Selfie was not expected, because he’d said he wasn’t going to attend. This had the (possibly desired) effect of making Zosia more introspective than radiant on the morning of her Big Day, so much so that she went AWOL and wandered sadly around various scenic locations while people tried to get her to answer her phone.

Then Selfie turned up. We’d previously seen him at the hospital, making a plea to Hanssen and Nina not to be suspended from his job. They weren’t persuaded, so he had to resort to his second career, which is making Zosia’s life complicated. She knew what he was up to, though: “You’re trying to manipulate me into walking away.” She told him him she couldn’t take any more of his nonsense, and that his presence was not required.

The wedding went ahead, Dominic gave Zosia away and Zosia is now entitled to call herself Mrs Valentine if she wants to. The happy couple and their tiny band of guests went off for the wedding feast, but found Selfie spectacularly drunk and munching a fistful of wedding cake. Zosia said he was a “malignant tumour of a man, drunk and bloated with Self pity,” which was harsh but fairly accurate.

This wasn’t the end of it, though. Back in his room, Selfie carried on drinking and when Zosia found him he’d collapsed and managed to impale himself on a lump of broken glass.

As so often happens, the wedding ended in a blue light dash back to Holby, where perhaps they realised the short-sightedness of closing down the Trauma Bay as they wheeled Selfie through some plastic curtains in an apparently abandoned corner of the hospital.

Nina and Jac had spent most of the day bickering about how (or whether) to treat a patient with one of these high-risk procedures they enjoy, and had eventually realised they work quite well together. So they were on hand to fix up their erstwhile colleague, though he remains in what I’m going to clinically describe as A Bit Of A State.

The saddest part of the whole thing was Ollie telling Zosia at the end that they’d get through it together – but you could see in his eyes that he wasn’t convinced himself. Instead of being able to enjoy their first hours of married life, Zosia was by her father’s bedside, every ounce of her attention focused on him. For now, it seems, Selfie has won.

The other big development was between Dominic and Lofty. Dominic spent most of the day (when he wasn’t helping Zosia get ready for the wedding, which was a lovely scene that David Ames told me about for the Holby book) defending Lofty against the sarcastic comments of Freddie and Nick, and this only had the effect of highlighting Lofty’s sweet nature and his complete lack of superficial bitchiness. He’s quite the oasis of calm in an emotionally wrought world, so it was no surprise that Dominic ended up in Lofty’s room. Whether this signals the start of “Dofty” as a Thing, or whether they’ll both try to pretend it never happened, we shall have to wait and see. But at least one couple had a happy end to the wedding day.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Wedding presence not required

  1. HolbyNut

    Part 1 makes me nervous – makes me think that there’s even more tragedy to come. And Ollie??? Like can he just get a bit of a break for once? He is beyond beautiful…and those eyes…
    Zosia, please direct your attention to your lovely husband!

  2. Donnty

    I was hoping for once they’d go without the cliched dash back to the hospital from a wedding.
    I had to agree with Ollie’s mum a little – it was all a little, a lot, lacking in passion aside from the outburst after the ceremony.
    Glad it was Jac and Fletch keeping the hospital side of things going.
    Nina and Lofty were the two worst things about this episode. I can’t believe they’ve fobbed Dom off with the Casualty reject.

  3. mrssatan

    I know that the episode is filmed weeks in advance, but I couldn’t help feeling a little sad watching the scenes between Guy and Zosia because of John Michie’s sad loss.

    Two distracting things; Dom’s half-mast trousers and his ‘tache… read on FB that someone wanted to set up a Go Fund Me page for full length trousers and a razor!

  4. Thunderchild

    The only interesting thing about Guy’s return was the mystery over what Nina did in Berlin. That just seems to have been completely forgotten about. I’m hoping it’s something bad and she leaves paving the way for Serena to return and take over.