Holby City: Me, mySelf and Guy

(Series 19, ep. 49 ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ by Joe Ainsworth 12.5.17) Zosia was really out of her depth in this episode, trying to cover for her father’s increasingly worrying behaviour. In that sense she’s more like him than she would probably want to admit – it’s the Self family way to try to cover for shortcomings and push through problems as if they don’t exist. It’s exactly how he treated her bipolar until it reached crisis point.

Crisis point in Guy’s case came during a neuro operation, when Zosia was already knuckles deep in the brain of Darwin patient o’ the week, Christian Pinnington (Jamie Maclachlan). Selfie was supposed to be doing the op himself, but he’d been drinking earlier, and was definitely not himSelf. Zosia had seen warning signs earlier and had tried to emphasise the risks of the procedure to Christian in the hopes that he would decide not to go ahead. If she’d added, “and I think the surgeon might not be entirely stable,” I think she’d have succeeded. 

Then she told Ollie. Possibly she hoped Ollie would take the matter out of her hands and go straight to Hanssen – which Jac would undoubtedly have done – but Ollie let her make the decision for herself.

So things didn’t really come to a head until the top of Christian’s skull was off and Selfie had perked himself up with another slug of vodka and a quick read of his own memoirs. Zosia called in Hanssen, who dealt with the situation by swiftly suspending Selfie and reassuring Zosia that she can’t be held accountable for the sins of her father.

There was a final showdown outside the hospital, where Selfie told Zosia he wouldn’t be coming to the wedding, and ripped off the necklace that he’d given her earlier (and taken about half an hour to fasten around her neck, which is not the level of dexterity you want from a brain surgeon). The necklace had been Zosia’s mother’s, and Selfie told her that her mother would have been ashamed of her. It was harsh and shocking, but there’s no doubt that Guy Self is a man in an enormous amount of mental pain.

Dominic was also suffering his own angst, as he’s viewing the upcoming March/Valentine nuptials with dread. He feels the wedding will change his and Zosia’s friendship, and he can’t take any more losses at the moment. As a result, his role as best man and wedding planner wasn’t going brilliantly, and he frequently looked really lost and lonely. Luckily for him, he has Lofty – who stepped in and organised all the bits Dominic had failed to do. Lofty really is just a bundle of niceness. He’s kind, sweet and adorable. There was a funny moment where Dominic casually addressed him as “love,” and the looks on first Lofty’s face and then Sacha’s were priceless.

Keller patient o’ the week was the man I can’t help thinking of as Curly Watts from Corrie – and I suspect I’m not the only one. Kevin Kennedy played Graham Ollerinshaw, AKA Minor Tom, the world’s least likely David Bowie tribute act. “I miss him so much,” he told Dominic, as they sat in the garden and pondered the legacy of the Thin White Duke. I couldn’t help thinking he was also speaking Dom’s brains about Digby, whose memorial plaque was just a stone’s throw away from where they were sitting.

If Donna’s missing anybody, it doesn’t seem like it’s her ex-husband, Jared (Leon Lopez). He appeared on AAU not with a hamstring injury but with a girlfriend (Abbey Childwall) who had herpes. He wasn’t bothered about all that anyway – he just wanted Donna back. The problem was, she didn’t want him. She’s realised she never loved him like she loved her previous ex, Kieran (we all loved Kieran). It was perhaps a clue when Ric advised her to look into her heart and see how she felt about Jared and she said, “I need more crisps.”

Next time: When a wedding episode is called ‘Veil of Tears, Part One,’ it doesn’t inspire too much confidence, does it?

There’s a book about Holby on the way very soon!


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  1. Amaryllis

    Haha! Love the title Sue!! Great review – as ever! And I agree; the title of the next episode doesn’t sound like the wedding is going to be all lovely and cheerful does it?! We’ll have to wait and see!

  2. Laura

    Like the title on this post 😊