Holby City: Jobs for the girls

(Series 19, ep. 46 ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Angela Holden 22.8.17) It’s breathless post-holiday catch-up time, and apologies in advance if this review is more brief/even more befuddled than usual – I watched it through a happy fog of jet-lag.

As is the Holby way, Zosia was offered a job totally out of the blue. Its a six month residential placement at Yale, which is in America and isn’t just another fictional suburb of Holby. Hence it’s a Very Big Deal, and Jac gave her until the end of the day to decide. Zosia was a bit worried about how to tell Ollie, but he was fine with it once he’d blinked back a manly tear at the thought of being without her for six months.

When Zosia later changed her mind and said she’d be staying at Holby but switching to Neuro, Jac told her she shouldn’t be spending her life “emotionally care-taking for some man whose needs are always going to come before her talents” – and that’s exactly what Zosia was doing. But the man wasn’t Ollie, it was Selfie. He divided his time in this episode between being the arch manipulator he is (sowing seeds of doubt in Ollie about how Tara was treated before she died, and in Zosia about how much Ollie still cares about Tara) and making a few odd, out-of-character mistakes. Zosia decided she needed to keep an eye on him.

When he wasn’t worrying about Tara, Ollie was pondering a job offer of his own. Ric very much wanted him to stay on AAU and even offered him the incentive of a lovely cholecystectomy. Frankly I’d prefer chocolates, but whatever does it for you. Ollie was quite tempted to stay on shoe-sick central, where the staff are nice (ie not Jac), but on the other hand he knows full well that those darker blue Darwin scrubs suit him so much more.

In other news, Lofty didn’t seem happy to discover that Dominic had a date.

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  1. thebigmart

    Have no concerns about how brief it maybe. It is what you have written, and that is what counts. You have, as usual, summed up the programme very well.

    Just don’t go on holiday again !!!!!!!

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