Holby City: Jobs for the boys

(Series 19, ep. 47 ‘Keep On Running’ by Michelle Lipton 29.8.17) It was the Holby Half Marathon (in aid of skin cancer charities in honour of Arthur Digby) and Lofty was wearing a chicken suit. He fully expected Dominic to be wearing an egg costume because they were supposed to see what would come first, the chicken or the egg. That would have been hilarious (and educational), but Dominic hadn’t taken the plan seriously and had come dressed as a Proper Athlete, and accompanied by his new boyfriend Freddie (Aaron Fontaine). Poor Lofty. Luckily he had a man dressed as Where’s Wally for company.

The Curse of the Holby Friend/Relative struck poor Freddie when a car ran into the marathon and Freddie ended up as the main victim. This gave Dominic the chance to have some doubts about whether he was ready for a relationship. It gave Lofty the chance to look sad that, if Dom was ready for a relationship, it was going to be with someone who wasn’t Lofty. 

Various people went for the Director of Nursing job – in fact, every speaking nurse in the hospital apart from the ones on the ED went for it – but Fletch got the job. This was despite having to wear one of Sacha’s shirts (albeit one of the more low-key ones) and deal with his son Theo fighting with Jac’s daughter in the hospital creche. But as well as this, he was also busy doing what he does best – rolling his (Sacha’s) sleeves up and dealing with emergencies and being the top nurse that he is. So he got the job. He was a bit dismayed to discover that he’d be based on Darwin, but for us it’s brilliant because he’ll get a lot more to do with Jac – and Jac and Fletch are just wonderful together. He passes her the 3-0 Prolene before she even asks for it, which you can see she finds useful and supremely irritating at the same time, and they spar with each other brilliantly. Fletch was trying to find a way to get a patient operated on sooner. “Can’t you squeeze him in?” he asked Jac. “‘Squeeze him in’?” she said. “It’s major thoracic surgery, not a haircut.” I’m so looking forward to more of that.

Meanwhile, Selfie’s behaviour is getting a bit worrying. He has a hip flask in his jacket pocket and he’s having a little tipple during work hours. Even Serena generally left the Shiraz alone until the end of the shift. Even worse, he’s making potentially fatal work errors, which Zosia is covering for at the moment (even while she’s trying to ignore the fact that her heart is really in heart surgery). Even worserer than that, he seems to believe that he has the upper hand in the whole situation. Nina made his job dependent on him going to counselling, and he’s managing to swerve that, and with the Neuro department at the Mythical St James closing, he seems to be King of Brains at Holby once again.

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  1. Thunderchild

    Hope we get more of Jac and Fletch, they really do go well together. Perhaps the new producer has been watching old episodes of The Bill!