Holby City: You can’t take the military out of the girl

(Series 19, ep. 44 ‘Go Ugly Early’ by Nick Fisher 8.8.17) So that’s the end of the Trauma Unit. The little room with the plastic flaps instead of doors, that has been the site of so much pioneering traumatic excellence over the months, is now a little empty room, the flaps flapping plastically in the breeze of trolleys whizzing by. Most importantly, the Trauma Unit was the queendom of the utterly marvellous Berenice Wolfe, and her queendom is now gone and so is Bernie. 

If that was all there was to Bernie’s exit, it would have been a negative and depressing thing indeed. But the last patient through those plastic flaps was a soldier (Sam Frenchum), with horrific blast injuries of the type that Bernie is singularly expert in treating. It made her realise that her skills and her heart lay elsewhere. Her patient’s girlfriend (Heledd Gwynn) spotted that Bernie had a military bearing. “You can take the girl out of the military…” she said. “But you can’t take the military out of the girl,” Bernie replied.

Earlier, a parcel of olive oil had arrived on AAU from a vineyard in the south of France. Serena is apparently maintaining her commitment to Shiraz, but clearly still has her friends at Holby on her mind. So Bernie is going to work in a military field hospital – but is going to be visiting Serena first. Hurrah!

The last scene of the episode was a fun run, with Lofty in bunny ears and lots of adorable dogs running around. Bernie was there too, looking very fetching in running gear. She had time for a farewell to Ric Griffin, then off she jogged in the opposite direction,* to a future that involves the army, and Serena, and who knows how many adventures. She’ll be missed.

The Trauma Unit was closed down by Nina Karnik, who turns out to be the living embodiment of the phrase “iron fist in a velvet glove.” She’s a smiling assassin, but I’m not sure how she came to have so much power, and why Hanssen is apparently not putting up more of a fight. He’s usually got his hands quite firmly on the moral compass. Or maybe, in his supernatural way, he had an inkling that Bernie wanted to leave soon anyway, and a Trauma Unit without Major Wolfe wouldn’t be half as exciting.

Or maybe Hanssen is suffering from a bit of trauma himself, what with his old foe Selfie stalking the corridors once again. Selfie did a bit of doctoring this week but spent most of his time trying to get between Ollie and Zosia. He’s particularly good at getting into Ollie’s head and there was a beautiful scene which culminated in Ollie asking his future father-in-law, “Do you want to eat kidneys with me?”

This wasn’t even the best meat-based line. Darwin’s patient o’ the week was Jemima (Gracy Goldman) who had the misfortune to be married to the ‘Vegan Warrior’ (Dominic Cazenove). The Warrior wasn’t pleased that Jemima was happy to have a bovine patch inserted in her heart, and then she told him she hadn’t exactly been vegan for years – she has a sausage roll every week. “I’ve had four inches of pig mince inside me every Thursday and you never knew!”

For lines like this you have to love a Nick Fisher episode, but I have to admit my heart sank a little at yet another reappearance of Jimmer (Matthew Alexander), one of the Young Farmers who appear every now and again, do something stupid, get fixed and then go away till the next time. However, there was no sign of his fellow YF, and Jimmer on his own wasn’t quite the concentrated force of stupidity we’ve previously seen. Also he used his time wisely to try and get Dom to stop sulking around Lofty, which can only be a good thing for the general atmosphere on Keller. Plus he had a handy van full of dogs for the fun run.

*Speaking of fun run, that scene was the last one that Jemma Redgrave filmed for Holby and straight afterwards she came upstairs to talk to me for the Holby book. So to find out how she was feeling, you will need to get a copy! The book will be out later this year.


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4 responses to “Holby City: You can’t take the military out of the girl

  1. My heart broke when Bernie left, but I can kind of see why without Serena being there she wasn’t going to stay around for that much longer. I really do hope that we see Jemma back as Bernie in the further, as her acting with Hugh last night was some of the best I think we’ve seen. As to the Fun Run it was a great addition to the episode, and Lofty in the bunny outfit had me laughing so much.

  2. thunderchild

    I never envisaged Jemma Redgrave being around for the long term but it’s still a shame to see Bernie go. I’ve always felt she was a character the writers didn’t really know what to do with. Never got the whole Serena thing, she had much more chemistry with Ric which evidenced again tonight.

    Perhaps Nina could make a few savings by closing Keller, it’s not like anyone does much up there these days.

    I do hope we get another Jac /Selfie showdown.

    Dom/Lofty = yawn!

    And was Nina’s comment about Holby closing foreshadowing something?

  3. Maria Thomas

    Nina not a character I can warm to dispite the lost child back story, reminds me a bit of Amy. Also like Amy has a job that previously didn’t seem to exist (apart from Sam’s brief tenure.)If savings needed to be made perhaps her salary could of gone first.

    Sad to see Bernie go, I guess we all knew she had a limited shelf life and Jemma Redgrave was not going to stay forever. Like the previous comment I too felt there was chemistry between her and Ric, missed opportunity there really.

    Quite like Dom/Lofty together don’t suppose there will be a happy ending this is Holby after all!

    A personal gripe of mine, Essie beyond anoying, still not “coordinating” transplants still inexplicably wearing green scrubs! Can’t wait for the next Parker based who cares drama.

  4. Donnty

    Bernie hadn’t done anything for months so no surprise that she’s left. Maybe Hanssen needs to stop creating specialist units on a whim just to give the surgeons he likes something to do (Sahira’s cardiac trauma unit springs to mind!) Hanssen is going down the Ric Griffin route of glorified extra and it’s bloody annoying. He’s too weak a character now.

    Dom & Lofty = 🤢