Holby City: Guy Self is back in the building

(Series 19, ep. 43 ‘The Evolution of Woman’ by Simon Norman 1.8.17) Nina has been Queen of Medicine (or whatever her job is) for all of five minutes, and she’s already circumvented the mythical HR department and the CEO by bringing a familiar face back to Holby. “Guy Self, darkening my doorstep,” muttered Hanssen, nicely marking his own territory with that use of “my doorstep.”

It seems that Nina and Selfie have History, and it’s something to do with Berlin. Whatever it is, I think Nina has the upper hand at the moment, or she thinks she does. That’s the thing with Selfie, you’re never quite sure where you are with him. 

His arrival meant that we were treated to one of those awful, terrifying wide-awake brain operations. The patient was a man (Fraser Ayres) who had terrible, life-ruining OCD which was so awful that he was willing to let Selfie poke about in his opened-up brain to try to make it better. I lost focus for a moment when they were explaining why there was also a CT angle to this that required him to be on Darwin, but I’m not sure it matters really. What matters is that Selfie is back. What will Zosia make of it? And Jac? And Ollie? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Morven woke up after a night of drinking and who knows what, to find a strange man in her shower. He wasn’t that strange – he was new F1 Damon Ford – and he’d apparently moved on quite quickly from imagining her naked so she wouldn’t frighten him, to not having to imagine any more. Morven made it clear that it had been a one-off, but at the same time it made her realise that she wasn’t entirely committed to Cameron. When Cameron’s mother Bernie overheard this, it wasn’t long before Morven had to make a phone call and let Cameron down gently.

The thing I loved most about this story was the really lovely pep talk Fletch gave Morven. He told her that not every relationship was going to be like she’d had with Arthur, and it was such wise advice because the poor woman is a bit adrift at the moment. Still, she’s now acquired a very sweet new flat-mate in the form of Damon, who was similarly understanding about her recent loss of Jasmine.

There wasn’t a patient o’ the week on Keller, because very little doctoring was going on while we were watching. I imagine they did lots of medical stuff while we were away looking at Darwin and AAU though. Everybody’s attention was on Sacha’s new girlfriend Julie (Tracy Wiles), the hospital’s volunteer librarian. Sacha had met her at Jewish Book Club, and Mama Levy very much approved. It became clear that this was because Julie was very, very similar to Mama Levy herself – fussy, irritating and always nagging Sacha about his dress sense and his posture. Very much like Chrissie, in other words. Luckily Essie, Dominic and Lofty were (always) on hand to point this out and make Sacha realise she wasn’t the woman for him. “She’s either super funny or she’s super homophobic” Dominic remarked. Dominic also said that he couldn’t care less whether she worshipped a glove puppet stapled to a cat, which is such a random comment that I was glad I didn’t have a mouth full of tea when he said it.

To find out how John Michie feels about playing Guy Self and to discover how this episode was edited, you’ll need the official BBC Holby City book, coming soon!


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10 responses to “Holby City: Guy Self is back in the building

  1. I came across the term ‘smother’ today, I think Ma Levy probably qualifies as a smother. It also fits nicely beside ‘bother’ – Caleb was Ethan’s bother.

  2. Stan

    Another lovely review Sue. I enjoyed this episode and the developing relationship with Morven – Ellie Fanyinka is a credit to the show. I also quite enjoy your little notes at the bottom of each review linking the episode to your upcoming book – very much looking forward to purchasing this!

  3. I had mixed feelings about this episode – not sure about the whole Selfie thing. Not at all. We shall no doubt see why, what for and even how. I did, however, love the Dominic, Essie, Lofty thing. That moment when they were perching on the desk, Sasha was warned, turned around and they pretended to be very, very busy on medical stuff. Love those three. They’re so flippin’ NICE.
    I also love your blog. Could we have a weekly countdown to publication of the book … I want it. Do you need an unpaid reviewer? I’m willing to do it. In fact I’d pay you for the privilege! I’m not very important and no-one would take any notice, but just thought I’d throw that one at you …

    • I would love you to review the book – the more reviews the better! I will start a countdown to the publication date as soon
      as I know what the publication date is 😄 I totally agree with you about the gang on Keller – they’re so funny and work together brilliantly.

  4. Marsi

    Nina and Guy- I describe them as Ick and Ickier!

    • Marsi, that’s brilliant. I feel as if I should like Nina, but I don’t. Those eyes, that mouth, basically everything she does. Now her husband … that’s an entirely different proposition!

  5. Mr Donnelly

    Nina is now filling the role briefly occupied by Sam Strachan. I wondered why Sam hasn’t made an appearance in Holby City since his return to the hospital via Casualty, especially as crossovers between the two programmes seem to occur more often now than they used to be.

  6. thebigmart

    The ‘gang of 3’ watching Sacha. Don’t they have any work to do? Don’t the patients complain that they are not being attended to while they are joking around? No wonder the NHS is in a state 😉 !!!

  7. PLL

    Love Ayesha Dharker. Can’t wait to see more of Nina and Matteo for the short while it’s going to last; hopefully the trailer is a red herring but so many are so predictable these days. 😦 Adore the fact that the mixed/black actresses have embraced the natural hair movement. Still miss Jasmine – can’t believe the actress was in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Guy needs to leave. Pronto. Same with Lofty.

  8. HELEN

    Very good Sue, as always. Youve ot it all in a nutshell ! And funny too.
    X. Helen