Casualty: The one before the one-shot

(Series 31, ep. 43 ‘Somewhere Between Silences Part 2’ by Jeff Povey) Okay Casualty, you’ve lured me back with your gimmicky promise of an exciting “one shot” episode next week. Which means I needed a bit of context. You can’t just turn up cold for a one-shot, you know.

First thing to say about this week’s episode is – George Rainsford. Blimey. Acting on a Shakespearean level there, all suppressed grief and rage and ethical conflict. Pitched against this was the dwindling family of racist thugs, the Ellissons. Papa Ellisson has expired previously. One of his sons (the nasty one, Scott) spent this week’s episode in a “will he ever walk again?” situation after falling from the Casualty mezzanine, which should surely have had some kind of mesh fitted after lovely nurse Sam Colloby tumbled off it years ago. The good news (for Scott) was there was no reason why he wouldn’t walk again, but the bad news (for Scott) was that now he almost certainly won’t walk again, because he’s dead. 

When he started to aspirate on his own bile (how poetically apt), Ethan was at his bedside and could have been handy with the suction and saved the day. Possibly I was supposed to be hoping, for the sake of Ethan’s moral wellbeing, that he would do exactly that. But really I was hoping that he’d just walk away and let the waste of skin who killed his brother choke. I hasten to add that I wouldn’t be thinking this if we were talking about real people, but on the basis that they’re all fictional, I liked the way that Cal’s death has turned everything that Ethan thought he knew about himself and about life upside-down.

While all this was going on, there was another chapter in the long-running and tedious saga of whether Connie will ever put Grace before her work. Grace now seems satisfied that she won’t, and let’s hope her decision is final because this has been going on for well over a year.

A&E is going to be under enormous scrutiny next week, what with someone who has history with the staff dying and that. Having 40 microphones concealed around the place might help with enquiries, though.

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2 responses to “Casualty: The one before the one-shot

  1. Wendy

    So enjoy your Holby reviews that it’s great you’ve been lured back to Casualty and a real treat to read this.
    It’s a shame in soaps that grief causes major personality changes
    Couldn’t agree more about the Connie/Grace storyline.
    Maybe a Casualty book when Holby is finished ! ? !

  2. Great that you’re now covering Casualty too! Especially since Connie and Charlie are the best paid talent in BBC drama. Please please please however someone take Grace away…. and let’s see Ethan smile again

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