Holby City: How messy life can be

(Series 19, ep. 40 ‘Sleep Well’ by Elliot Hope and Johanne McAndrew 11.7.17) Fran isn’t evil, or a villain, or a baddie. She’s a hurt, angry, damaged person. Jac knows this, because she’s similarly damaged. Where they differ is that Jac has dealt with all the hurt she’s suffered over the years by exercising a huge amount of self control – sometimes Jac is just held together by willpower alone. Fran is more needy and volatile. 

When one of the staff from the care home they both used to live at arrived in Darwin having been beaten up (and with resulting CT complications), Jac’s reaction was to reinforce her hard shell and get on with being the professional that she is. Fran tried to do this, but her emotions got in the way. Eventually Jac worked out that Fran had been the one who’d got this man (Tom Cotcher) beaten up, and she also worked out that Fran had been at least partly to blame for Jasmine’s death. And I’m kind of sad that Fran is now in the custody of Holby’s boys in blue, because I’ve loved her work and especially the scenes with Jac.

Meanwhile on Keller Raf and Essie were realising that they have Feelings for each other. They are actually very sweet together, but I’m conflicted. In a touching little scene, Sacha told Essie that he would be okay with it if she wanted to get together with Raf, bless him, but I’m worried that he’s not going to be alright with it at all.

On AAU we started finding out what Donna’s been up to while she’s been away from Holby. She’s only a footballer’s wife! With another child as well as Mia. And a Range Rover (parked in Ric Griffin’s spot. I do love the Donna/Ric friendship). But all isn’t well in her relationship, as we found when a fellow WAG (Ali Bastian) was admitted with a nasty abscess. Her husband doesn’t even know she’s gone back to work. Let’s just wait until Holby FC plays whatever team he’s with and he turns up in AAU with a fractured something. It’s bound to happen.

Other things I liked in the episode: Damon jumping to attention as soon as Hanssen stepped into the room; Hanssen checking that Jac was okay; Dominic’s face when he almost caught Raf and Essie kissing (“Oh yuck”); and Donna making her patient faint so Ric could fix up her arm.

To find out how Bob Barrett, Kaye Wragg and Joe McFadden feel about their characters and their love lives, there’s only a few months’ wait until the official BBC Holby City book is out!

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4 responses to “Holby City: How messy life can be

  1. Brilliant review as always Sue. Highlight of my Wednesdays 🙂 I’m loving Donna being back. What a star! And Dom’s reaction to Essie and Raf was the moment of the night for me 😀

    Did anyone else notice that Ric mentioned having six wives? Did we miss a wedding and divorce? I’m sure in a lovely chat at Albie’s, Serena teased him that one more wife would make him level with Henry VIII?!

  2. thebigmart

    Brilliant detective work from Jac. Fran’s “I’m sorry” in the book of condolences obvioiusly was the clue Jac needed to prove that Fran was responsbile!

  3. HolbyNut

    Glad Fran is gone – joined Jac in a big ploppy tear.
    LOVE Donna – she is so irreverent with Ric and feel the potential between her and Fletch – maybe not love but a great double-act!
    Raf and Essie – bleugh! – just doesn’t work for me…

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