Holby City: Morven on the case

(Series 19, ep. 39 ‘Keeping the Faith’ by Jeff Povey 4.7.17) There was no need for the services of Lexi, the Holby Vicar, this week as Jasmine’s funeral had already taken place before the episode started. Jac Naylor didn’t shed a single tear, let alone fling herself on the coffin screaming “Why? WHY???” This will not surprise those of us who’ve known Jac for some time. I can’t imagine a person less likely to emote in public.

You’d think that Morven, who went through it all with Arthur, would know that there’s more than one way to grieve, and just because it doesn’t show doesn’t mean it isn’t so (I made that up – I think – but if you want to borrow it for any self-help book you may be writing, please feel free). Morven decided that Jac’s apparent lack of remorse was hiding a guilty conscience. When she confronted Jac about this, it made me realise how rarely we see Jac properly angry. We see snappy, sarcastic and irked quite a lot, but this was proper white-hot fury. You can tell that Jac’s mental defences are pretty fragile and having Morven poking a little stick at them was almost too much. 

Morven’s judgement was somewhat pickled by alcohol anyway. She’s taken Jasmine’s death very hard, coming so soon after the death of her husband. Just as well she has Fran to keep a friendly eye on her. But there’s always something a little “off” with Fran, and gradually Morven began to wonder – why did Fran sleep on Jasmine’s bedroom floor? Why was she wearing her bracelet? This led Morven to pin Fran to the wall of AAU and try to rattle the truth out of her. She’s quite the dynamo when she gets going, and it took Fletch to physically remove her and Bernie to put her on compassionate leave for a while. But Fran’s card is now marked. The truth will come out sooner or later.

While Morven was being magnificent in AAU, Sacha was being super-magnificent on Keller. He was caught between three generations of Griffins when Ric’s granddaughter Darla needed life saving surgery. Darla and her dad Kofi are Jehovah’s Witnesses and were strongly against her having a blood transfusion. Ric is a man of science and wanted Sacha to “do the right thing” and give her blood if she needed it. Sacha found himself “between a Ric and a hard place,” forced to choose between his instincts as a doctor and respecting his patient’s wishes. At the critical point in theatre, as Darla was bleeding out and they had seconds to make a decision, Sacha appealed to any available Invisible Friend to help him. His prayer was apparently answered as he located the source of the bleed and fixed it.

The whole situation reminded me of that wonderful episode where Sacha had to look after Essie’s dying Nazi grandfather, because it had the same kind of moral struggle for Sacha and really showcased Bob Barrett’s acting skills. By saving Darla without compromising her and Kofi’s principles, Sacha also made sure that the door was left open for a relationship between Ric and his family members. Ric said that Sacha had healed more people than he realised. Sacha, bless him, said that’s why he gets paid the medium bucks. 

Apart from when she was being interrogated by Morven, Jac was keeping a low profile on Darwin and leaving the medicine to Matteo and Damon, who were once again doing their very pleasing double act of the calm, patient sage and his eager young pupil. There was a bit of a reverse, though, as Damon took it upon himself to give a bit of relationship counselling to his mentor. Matteo realised he still had strong feelings for Nina, who had been lurking on Darwin in her guise as the potential new medical director. They went for a soothing beverage in Pulses, where Matteo’s hopes were dashed when Nina told him she wanted a divorce. They’re too damaged by the loss of their son to be good for each other, she told him.

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2 responses to “Holby City: Morven on the case

  1. But who was Ron Pinches, the name on the memorial bench where Matteo sat and brooded? The shot was carefully framed to make me wonder about any significance. Searching cast lists there was a Shelley Pinches in one episode in 2003…

  2. Wendy

    Interested in the lack of comments this week. Any connection to being bored /irritated by Fran who’s storyline does little to help victims of abuse and on a less serious note the lack of a decent storyline for Ric.

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