Holby City: A tale of two faces

(Series 19, ep. 38 ‘Paper Wishes’ by Patrick Homes and Ailsa Macaulay 27.6.17) Jac Naylor looked so sad all through this episode. Diminished, almost, like a little bit of her had gone with Jasmine. She put a brave face on it (“Stop looking at me like I’m about to break!” she told Zosia and everyone else who was gazing at her in sympathy), but it was just there behind the mask the whole time. She tried to work and be her usual snippy self, but Jasmine was on her mind all day. Her patient was a woman (Roisin O’Neil) who believed her illness was caused by karma because she’d had an argument with her mother, and her mother died before they could make up. Karma-woman liked to write wishes on paper planes – well, it’s nice to have a hobby. Jac wrote a wish on a paper plane too: “I wish I’d told Jasmine I love her.” Too, too sad. 

I think Fran almost confessed her part in Jasmine’s death a couple of times. She isn’t a monster, she’s just a very damaged and confused person. But the moments passed, and it looks like it’ll be Morven who cracks the case. She was doing a bit of detective work and found a note at the place where Jasmine died, saying “I’m sorry.”

From the sad face of Jac to the beautiful smile of The Radiant Donna, back at Holby where she belongs. That little scene where Fletch said he wanted her in the store cupboard and she said, “Cheeky!” then realised he wasn’t in the mood for flirty banter was perfect Donna. It was almost like she’d never been away, but she has and some of Holby’s procedures have moved on without her. This almost led to a catastrophe, but in the end no-one died, Fletch realised that under the ditziness she’s one of the best nurses in the history of Holby, and all was right with the world.

On Keller, Ma Levy (sadly not seen, just spoken about) set Sacha up on a date with A Nice Jewish Girl. “I thought Carole was bad,” Dominic said. Essie and Dominic had a lot of fun winding Sacha up, which is almost too easy. When Hatty appeared she wasn’t the wart-nosed gorgon they were all expecting, so that’s a result at least. But will she be the one to put a spring back in Sacha’s step?

To find out how Rosie Marcel felt about this storyline, and to discover what Jaye Jacobs missed about Holby while she was away, you’ll be needing the Official BBC book Holby City: Behind the Screen – out later this year.


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10 responses to “Holby City: A tale of two faces

  1. I loved Rosie’s acting in this episode, it was heartbreaking to see her regrets with her wish at the end. I can’t wait for the book to see what she says about Jasmines death and the aftermath of it all.

  2. HolbyNut

    Welcome back Donna – she was hilarious last night. Felt every cringe-worthy moment…”Who died?” Classic!
    Can’t talk about Jac and Jasmine – too sad….what a waste / regrets / guilt….ugh!

  3. RDHmum

    Love love love Donna!

    I think I was more heartbroken about Jasmine’s death this week than last. Seeing Jac realise how much Jasmine meant to her and how it’s too late now to do anything about that was gut wrenching. They both needed each other so much.

    Interesting that it was Ric telling Serena he’d keep her up to date on the funeral arrangements- wouldn’t Bernie be telling her all about it? She must feel like a real b**** now having previously told Jasmine she wished her dead!

    • Thunderchild

      Personally I don’t think the writers have a clue what to do with Bernie atnymore. I really liked her when she first arrived and enjoyed her rivalry with Ric on Keller but these days she’s nothing more than a glorified extra which is a complete waste of Jemma Redgrave’s talents – I doubt she’ll return from her theatre break.

      Anyway, great to have Donna back – loved her line about doctors dropping like flies!

      • drfrankentweed

        Agreed. I honestly don’t know what they’re doing with Bernie anymore – 2 to 6 minutes of screentime for months…basically, as you say, a glorified extra…and doesn’t even catch a break when Serena is mentioned. Ric gets that instead. It’s dire. Part of me hopes she doesn’t return from her theatre break because she’s worth so much more than the rubbish she’s been given here.

  4. linda morgan

    im struggling to see why the storyline has fallen so badly why werent any questions asked about why jacs phone was found with jasmine ? why didnt they investigate who jasmine phoned last and they said she fell ? on what it was a quiet part of hospital

  5. Donnty

    Donna is a breath of fresh air! It was good to have some lightheartedness in the show. I’ve taken to skipping past Lofty scenes so the Keller story passed me by a bit.

  6. thebigmart

    At the beginning of this week’s episode, while Mr Hanssen was typing his report, there was a piece of choral music in the background. Anybody know what it was? (You will probably have to listen/watch on iPlayer!).

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