Holby City: When a pocket is a loaded gun

jasmine holby(Series 19, ep. 37 ‘For You May Be the Next to Die…‘ by Patrick Homes) The hour started with an unsettling, dreamlike scene of young Fran and young Jac, presumably in the terrible care home they lived in when they were kids. We saw Fran – geeky and awkward-looking – going to Jac (who was uncannily, recognisably Jac) for comfort. A horrible song full of nasty death imagery played over it.

Then, in the apparent safety of Holby, there was Jasmine, singing the same song to herself. It was one of Paula Burrows’ favourites, apparently. Even if we’d never heard of Paula before, I think we’d have quite a clue about her personality just from that detail. Morven thought the song was horrible, but Morven is still too close to losing Arthur for death to be an abstract notion to her. To Jasmine, a naturally optimistic, full-of-life person,  it was just a catchy tune. 

But by the end of the episode, Jasmine was dead. It was a combination of bad intentions, bad luck and a very bad decision to put a scalpel in her pocket. What was she doing with a scalpel in her pocket? That was thanks to patient o’ the week Kelli (an excellent performance from Molly Casey), in a story that was a compelling and disturbing side dish to the main story. Kelli was pregnant by her abusive brother, who spent the entire episode in a coma because she’d stabbed him. Jasmine caught her about to try and finish the job off with a stolen scalpel, and talked her into giving the scalpel to her. I’m not sure that anyone would be daft enough to put an unprotected scalpel in their pocket, but heat of the moment and all that.

jasmine fran holbyWhen Fran lured Jasmine to some obscure part of the hospital by texting her on Jac’s phone to confront her about breaking into her locker to find out more about Fran’s care home past, the situation soon escalated. As we’ve always seen with Jasmine, she has the best intentions but she often thinks she’s in control of a situation when really it’s slipping away from her. We saw her reassuring Fran that she would look after her (as she’d reassured Kelli earlier). This wasn’t what Fran wanted at all. She wanted Jac. And she wanted Jac without Jasmine. She fiercely pushed Jasmine away into a laundry trolley, and left ignoring Jasmine’s pleas for help, not realising that Jasmine now had a scalpel embedded in her side.

On Darwin, new F1 Dr Damon Ford had been having his first proper day of work. Once again he was excitable, nervous and sweet – I loved the way he was simultaneously scared of Jac but not really intimidated by her. Most of his shift was the standard “F1 disagrees with everybody else about the way to treat a patient. Lessons are learned,” but with the added revelation that Damon has a congenital heart condition himself.

Then Jac enlisted him to track down her missing phone. He used a phone finding app and followed the signal to the other side of the hospital, where he found Jasmine.

jasmine damon holbyThe scene where he carried her into AAU and all the key people were standing at the nurses’ station reacting to what had happened was so dramatic. Fletch took Jasmine from him, and then there was a battle to try to save her. Damon was sent to get Jac and he could only stand there in Darwin holding the blood-stained phone. Later on he broke down and was comforted by Matteo, whose philosophical calmness had once again been used as a lovely contrast to Damon throughout the episode.

It’s heartbreaking that Jac had only just started to thaw towards Jasmine, and her heartfelt “Jasmine, please don’t go!” as her colleagues tried to save her sister was so sad. Because Jasmine did go. Hanssen gave a speech from the AAU stairs, saying they’d suffered “a loss that is beyond measure.” At these moments, Hanssen is always at his most tender.

jac holbyAnd Jac returned to the scene of the accident/crime, and started to listen to the voicemails Jasmine had left for her, but couldn’t carry on. She dropped her phone just before Jasmine said “I love you.” That would have been too much for her – you could see how hard she was trying not to be overwhelmed, and to keep her self control.

lofty dom holbyWriter Patrick Homes balanced all of this tragedy with some perfectly placed, very lightly done comedy on Keller, where David Ames, Lee Mead and Bob Barrett were all brilliant. Their patient o’ the week Vince (Syrus Lowe) was a bird watcher, and he was used to spotting mating rituals. He thought he spotted a bit of chemistry between Dominic and Lofty – Dominic smiles when he looks at Lofty. And really, how could you not? He’s adorable – sweet, kind, no agenda, just a thoroughly nice man. Rather like Sacha, in fact. Keller is so adorable at the moment.

But back to Jasmine. I’m going to miss her. Lucinda Dryzek played her beautifully throughout, making her enough like Jac so we could believe in them as sisters, but in other ways quite the opposite. It would have been interesting to have seen how their relationship developed in the future, but as it is poor Jac has to go on with yet another loss in her life.

You’ll be able to read about David Ajao’s first days on Holby, and Rosie Marcel’s reaction to Jasmine’s death, in the official BBC Holby City book coming later this year


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12 responses to “Holby City: When a pocket is a loaded gun

  1. I’m really sad they killed Jasmine off. I’ll admit that I hated her when she first arrived but she really grew on me as her time went on. It’s a pity we won’t get to see the relationship between her and Jac. I do kind of feel sorry for Fran in a way. She’s so desperate to have someone look after her but in her eyes it has to be Jac who was there with her. She really didn’t see that Jasmine was hurt (or how badly) when she left or I do think she would have gone back to help her. I’m not a fan of her character but I don’t think she’s evil she’s just badly damaged like Jac, they both just handle it in different ways.

  2. I thought the acting in last nights episode was fantastic. I was really enjoying Jac and Jasmine’s relationship and am heartbroken for Jac in an odd way. I’m interested to see how Jac reacts to losing her half sister especially as she doesn’t usually show a lot of emotion.

  3. thebigmart

    I will miss Jasmine. She and the late Chantelle, could have looked afer me anytime I should go into hospital.

  4. Amaryllis

    Great review as ever! Fran really scares me!
    I’m still a bit baffled as to why they thought that killing Jasmine was the best plan. I mean they had to wait 6 years from her first (very brief) appearance before she was old enough to return as an F1. She’s only been at Holby a year. I feel there are many missed opportunities. Apart from anything else she and Jac haven’t had many sisterly moments! And Morven has lost her best friend and her husband in the space of a year! :/

  5. MvO

    I’m genuinely sad that they killed off Jasmine. She was a great character and the only thing bringing a little spark to AAU at the moment.

    I can’t agree about Lofty – the only thing he brings to my face when I see him is a grimace. I’m horrified that they’re getting him and Dom together.

  6. Theophilus

    Jac’s “Jasmine, please don’t go!” was heartbreaking; Rosie Marcel is terrific.

  7. HolbyNut

    Gutted. Big tears. Poor Jac. Going to miss Jasmine.

  8. holbybunners

    First – I agree about Lofty for I think he is lurvely ..

    Second – about the death of Jasmine ..

    Very very sad .. and I can only suppose the actor wanted to leave because –

    oh not another one … just when we could do with cheering up ..

    For really – we’ve already had the death of a brother leaving remaining brother mourning for lost opportunities (Casualty).

    Now on Holby we’ve had the death of a sister leaving remaining sister mourning ..


  9. Sapphire Stanton

    I just hope Fran is found out. While I have sympathy for her experiences as a child she is awful. I find her malicious manipulation of Jamsime’s character and raging jealousy over any semblance of a relationship blooming between Jac and Jasmine completely overshadows that sympathy. I have to constantly remind myself she has been damaged by the events of her past.

    Although Jac is hard, she’s one of my favourite characters in the show and was enjoying her warming to Jasmine in that purely Jac manner. Such a shame that has been cut short. I foresee some stellar scenes as the truth of the events leading to Jasmine dying.

    I hope the loss to Morven, a little over a year aftwr Arthur’s death is not forgotten in the aftermath.

    I did expect, with the build of Damon’s heart condition, to see him collapse while carrying the dying Jasmine to AAU, or perhaps as he reached Darwin and Jac.

  10. Spud Glennerster

    This weeks casualty was brilliant but ruined by a guest appearance from Lofty. I may have to stop watching holly as he is so wooden. Essential now three brilliant characters have gone out of it.

  11. RDHmum

    I was in tears during Jasmine’s final scenes. Going to miss her and can’t wait for Fran to get her comeuppance!

    I still can’t make my mind up about newbie Damon. I guess he’ll calm down a little after a while a be less annoying.

    I’m sickened that they have decided to push Dom and Lofty together. Send Lofty back to Casualty!!

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