Holby City: MoT – passed with flying colours

(Series 19, ep. 36 ‘For the Love of Maureen’ by Joe Ainsworth 13.6.17) The end of the episode saw Mo, Mr T and Hector drive off into the Holby sunset in Mo’s funny little pink car. It was a lovely happy-ever-after for them, and the whole episode was a beautiful send-off for Mo, who ever since her first heavily-pregnant appearance has been a wonderful warm, funny, feisty character. She got to say goodbye to all her Holby family in touching little one-to-one scenes and a funny party scene at the end. Chizzy Akudolu said on Twitter that her tears in her scene with Sacha were real, and there was genuine emotion also in a scene with Ric and a wonderful one with Jac, where Jac paid tribute to Mo as a black working class woman in a posh white man’s world. It’s not often you hear Jac Naylor’s voice break up, but it did at the end of that speech. 

And I think if you’re going to have any relationship goals at all, it should be to have someone look at you the way Mr T looked at Mo when she came to tell him she wanted to be with him. As well as missing Chizzy, Ben Hull’s contribution to Holby will be very much missed, too. Mr T was a delightful character, and the long-running romance between him and Mo has been fun and funny and real.

On Keller, meanwhile, Ric’s granddaughter Darla was back suffering from something complex and nasty. With her was her father Kofi (Richard Pepple), who is full of brooding resentment about what a useless father Ric has been over the years. I thought Kofi looked quite old to be a child of Ric. Possibly Ric was a child bride. Anyway, there were some anxious scenes for Ric as Sacha operated on Darla. He didn’t help Sacha’s focus by barking instructions and questions at him from behind the viewing screen. “She’s in good, if massive, hands,” Sacha told him, a reference to Darla saying Sacha had really big hands. That didn’t appease Ric, so once again Sacha had to get a bit stern: “I’m resisting the temptation to call security, Mr Griffin!” I love it when Sacha gets assertive.

Jasmine thinks there’s “something creepy” about Fran, and I’m inclined to agree with her. Fran seems to be jealous that Jac and Jasmine are getting a tiny bit closer (it really is a tiny bit – this is Jac we’re talking about. “You been watching Frozen again?” she said to Jasmine at one point) and she’s being very possessive about her. Sharing the Burrows blood doesn’t matter – for Fran it’s the shared experience in the care home. “That’s what bonds me and Jac,” she told Jasmine. And now, following the death of a patient who was probably going to die anyway, Fran has complained about Jasmine to the imaginary HR department. Once again I’m enjoying Carli Norris’s work. I like the way a quick evil, scheming look can pass over her face without her going the full “Mwah ha hah!” Or is she just storing up the full mwah ha hah for later?

Quick reminder… Holby City: Behind the Screen – the official access-all-areas book is coming later this year!


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8 responses to “Holby City: MoT – passed with flying colours

  1. Rachel Fleming

    I am very sorry to lose both Mo and Mr T but I am glad that they had a happy ending and they were the stars of one of my top 5 episodes of all times (I do I do I do Jan 2017)

    How many children does Ric have exactly? He must hold a world record.

    As for Fran I am fascinated by her character but at the same time deeply irritated by her.

    But my final thought goes to Jac and the patient who decided not to listen to her advice.

    What an Idoit.

    • Naz

      I’m actually not sorry to see Mo go, always found her rather unbareable. Gutted this means it’s the end to Mr.T – the more his character became about Mo, the more naive he came across. I would have loved him to have grown on his own.

      Ric and his brood, it reminds me of Casualty & Harry Harper who had like 6 kids ( Lucinda dryzek played an incarnation of one of his kids – haha)

  2. thebigmart

    Were we aware that Mo was leaving before this episode? I don’t remember her applying for anything else having turned down Jac’s job at Holby. What about Mr T, was he due to leave as well?

    I wondered in the end if because they were back together they were going to stay at Holby. It must be me, that is confused !

    • shoequeen

      I hadnt realised either. Loved Mo, felt her sister (Adele?) should be PM – do you remember there was nothing she couldnt do, loved Mr T but I was not keen on the supposed relationship between him and Mo. I actually used to cringe when they kissed! Sorry, I did!

    • Mw too – I’ve been scouring iplayer to see if we’ve missed any episodes – we hadn’t so it’s left me convinced that one episode had been binned and this one shown out of sequence!

      • thebigmart

        Found it ! Right at the very beginning of the episode on 6 June, Mo is talking on her mobile and says “Yes, clinical lead post”. That is it !! Without re-watching the whole episode there is no more. Certainly the next scene with her in doesn’t mention it.

        It is a case of ‘blink and you will miss it’ – which obviously we all did !

  3. Mr. Sunshine

    I’m a huge fan in the US. Originally, I started watching the gay story lines of Dom. Now I watch it all thanks to Britbox. Also, I’m a huge Robert and Aaron fan on Emmerdale. Totally hooked on Eastenders as well. Y’all have some of the best shows!!

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