Holby City: Oh Hec!

(Series 19, ep. 34 ‘Twist of the Knife’ by Jon Sen) Of course we know that Mo wouldn’t ever harm her baby. She’s a doctor, for one thing, and she’s Mo, for another thing. Mo just wouldn’t do anything like that. And yet she almost persuaded herself that she could have hurt him, and she did it so well that she almost persuaded me. Mr T was already thinking she might have (and that’s what got Mo to doubting herself in the first place). 

Luckily she had Jac, who against the apparent medical evidence never doubted her for a second, and eventually it became clear that Hector’s test results had been mixed up with another patient’s by a hapless nurse and Mo was in the clear.

When you’ve had a day like that, though, with the trauma of your baby being ill and undergoing painful procedures, and your nearest and dearest thinking you might have caused it – you can see why Mo didn’t want to speak to Mr T (“Your wobbly blancmange of a life partner,” as Jac described him) at the end. He’s been dumped, and it’s going to take some ninja-level grovelling (“shoes and handbags,” as Jeremy Kyle always says) to put things right.

In some gorgeously shot scenes at the end of the episode we saw Mo singing a lullaby to Hector, as Mr T walked away across a dark, wet car park. Meanwhile, up on the roof Matteo and his estranged wife Nina were burning documents. I loved how Mo’s lullaby came in just over the end of the roof scene – because the documents they were burning were all the files Nina had collected about their missing son, Nico.

Nina had been working as a locum on AAU, where she’d become over-involved with a patient (Faye Daveney) who was refusing treatment. Bernie tried to tell her that on AAU they just patch them up and turf them out and don’t get involved. This is presumably Bernie’s dream vision of AAU rather than the one we actually see, where a staff member gets over-involved with a patient on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, Bernie was rather impressed by Nina, and Hanssen was so impressed he asked her to apply for a permanent position. I was impressed by her too – she’s kind and warm and has the most beautiful smile. I can also buy Nina and Matteo as a couple. I thought the scene where they were looking at the file was really sad. “Show me where he is in these pages,” Matteo said, feeling angry and sad and frustrated. Nina flicked through it and saw a child’s drawing, presumably done by Nico. “Found him.”

On Keller, Essie used her womanly wiles and a bit of neuro-linguistic programming she found in a book to convince Raf to sign up for a half marathon. Raf got the wrong end of the stick and thought she really liked him, but was it the right end of the stick? Is #Rassie or #Ressie or #Esf (no, that doesn’t work at all) back on?

The Holby half marathon team will be running in honour of Arthur Digby, which is lovely. Dominic is training very hard for it. A bit too hard, in fact, and he’s still taking mystery medication. I can’t help feeling poor Dominic is beefing himself up so he’ll never be a victim again, while not realising that he’s harming himself.

Next time: There’s a new face on Darwin, Fran’s back, and Dominic’s behaviour worries Sacha.


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10 responses to “Holby City: Oh Hec!

  1. holbybunners

    OOOhh Nooooo ..
    Poor Mr T .. thats the second time hes had his heart broken by Mo ..
    Granted he has been a bit of a idiot but deserves to be forgiven ..

  2. Eilis

    I knew that bringing them together would be the Kiss of Death. Nobody is allowed a Happy Ever After in Holby. I do wonder if the Nina/Matteo relationship will be rekindled. Mmm…maybe.

  3. HOLBY is a favourite of mine and I love the actors, they are all brilliant. But when is Catherine Russell coming back or isn’t she? The way in which the health topics are brought in are often exceptional, especially it was thought Hector had been injured by Chizzy. Doesnt it just show how people think of others.

  4. Sarah

    They can’t break up Mo and Mr T!! The one Holby couple I thought could survive the Holby relationship curse.
    I like Nina, and I like Nina and Matteo but I’m still groaning internally that they’ve gone and given another character relative a job there and within five minutes of her being on the ward word had reached the CEO that she was so brilliant he should hire her IMMEDIATELY! Holby’ are recruitment process really is pants!!

    • Thunderchild

      I’m once again baffled by Holby’s fluid staff rotors…..I thought Ric Griffin had been drafted in to fill the Shiraz shaped void left by Serena but last night it seemed like Bernie was back in charge again.

      And is Fletch Holby’s answer to Superman? One minute he’s dealing with a crashing patient on AAU and then mere seconds later he’s up on Keller giving Raf woman advice!

  5. Geoff

    Does anyone think that the baby playing Hector was really Rosie Marcel’s baby? They look similar…