Holby City: We’ll always have Radiohead

(Series 19, ep. 33 ‘Enigma’ by Peter Mattessi) It’s a rare staff member who doesn’t get surprised at the hospital by their secret past turning up at some time or another. Just look at Ric Griffin – and we will look at him a little later, the naughty man.

Lofty got his ‘secret past surprise’ very early in his Keller career, considering he only started last week. When a new patient, Lenny, arrived on the wards there were some meaningful looks exchanged between him and Lofty from the outset. They were “family friends” they said, but this hid a more complicated truth. Eventually Lofty admitted that he’d been engaged to Lenny’s sister, Alice, but jilted her at the altar. No wonder Lenny seemed angry. In fact, Lenny seemed very angry indeed. I really liked this character – he was a bit of a bad boy, an ex drug user, the kind of person who’ll break the rules to have a cigarette in the staff room, but loyal and in his way very charming. His sister, when she turned up, was also lovely and you could see why Lofty had been attracted to her. But the real attraction was Lenny. They’d had a little Moment at a Radiohead concert and it was enough to convince Lofty that he had no business getting married to Alice. He really loved her, but not the way he loved Lenny. 

The story was beautifully played out by Lee Mead, Micah Balfour and Tiana Benjamin, with excellent support from the Keller regulars. Sacha had a rare moment of getting shouty and angry with Lofty who’d been less than helpful in theatre when Lenny almost died. And Lofty is still pronouncing his name wrong.

In the end, Lofty stepped away from the situation so that Lenny and Alice could be reconciled. It was the right thing to do, and you could see that Lofty felt it was the right decision even though he was really sad. At least they’d always have Radiohead.

Meanwhile, Mo was offered Jac’s job and accepted it, but lasted less than an hour (in telly time) due to the stresses of worrying about Trixie’s baby, and having baby Hector at home (or in the crèche, or somewhere) and Mr T fussing around. Indeed Mr T went to Hanssen to tell him he thought it was all too much for Mo to handle. Hanssen didn’t think to say “Well why don’t you step down a bit and do more childcare yourself, then,” but he didn’t need to because Mo resigned from the job anyway. Hanssen told her he was convinced he’d get her back, and we all know that what Hanssen wants he usually gets. But in the meantime is Matteo King of CT? He’s going to love that.

Darwin patient of the week Francoise (Félicité Du Jeu) has been on Holby before. Last time she was on AAU and took rather a shine to Ric Griffin. I remember Bernie and Serena spent most of the episode observing it. This week Francoise had heart problems again, caused by over-exercising. It was the kind of exercise you can easily do without getting out of bed, she told Zosia. If Zosia had tried to picture the stud who was partly responsible for all this hectic bedroom activity, it’s a safe bet that Ric Griffin wouldn’t have been the first name on her list. She almost had to pick her jaw up off the floor when Ric appeared on the ward and, with a Meaningful Glance, Francoise indicated that there’s a whole lot more to Ric than a nice suit and grizzled gravitas. Well, a man doesn’t get through that many wives without picking up a trick or two.

Jasmine has been offered a job at the Mythical St Catherine’s Hospital in the real London. She was worried about how to tell Morven, but thanks to a spot of drunk-dialling the night before, she’d already told her via voicemail. Morven spent the entire shift winding her up by pretending she was planning a holiday for them both in Sardinia. It’ll be sad if Jasmine does go off to the Mythical St C, because she and Morven have just got their friendship back and I do like to see Morven smile.

The review is a bit late because I spent this morning at Holby talking to the glorious Alex Walkinshaw for the Holby book. Next week I’ll be updating everyone on the mailing list about my latest visits to talk to the cast, so sign up here if you haven’t already!


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14 responses to “Holby City: We’ll always have Radiohead

  1. Sarah

    I struggled to sit through this episode. I can’t bare Lofty and found that whole part of the episode tortuous, not even shouty Sacha could make it better. Bin Lofty and give us more Dom time!

    • Gaynor Barton

      Agree about the Lofty saga..It’s way too boring. His acting is all based on the puppy dog look….

  2. Theophilus

    I find Lofty boring and fail to see the appeal. Never liked him on Casualty.

  3. mrssatan

    Sorry but this week’s episode just didn’t work for me…

    I liked Lofty in Casualty but he seems to have undergone a personality transplant


  4. Helen Gibson-West

    Oh goodness not another ‘shock sexuality reorientation’ plot’ – weve had several and Im bored now! Who will be unbelievably next – Hanssen!!!??? OR…..Rick!!?? Also, the frighteningly unprofessional and foolishly named Lofty leaves me cold. Yesterday in my own (real world) hospital a nurse introduced herself and said she was always called (nickname) but they were not allowed to use nicknames with or infront of patients as Unprofessional! !!!

    • Eilis

      Loads of Lofty love on the Digital Spy forum but I don’t get it either. How did he get the name? He’s not that tall and not small enough for it to be used ironically like the Don Estelle character in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

    • mrssatan

      Re: shock sexual reorientation plot: those were pretty much my thoughts exactly!

  5. Becky

    I’m so glad others are saying the things I’ve been thinking about Lofty. I really hope he improves (and gets a haircut) because he’s putting me off watching so far and I’ve stuck through thick and thin for years.

  6. Wendy

    Agree this was not a good episode and lost interest.
    The Lofty story might have been of some okay further into his return but not so soon.
    Also irritated by the Hanssen/Mo storyline

    Sometimes it currently feels that they’ve brought in new script writers and failed to give them all of the characters history

  7. Perplexed

    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. There’s one thing I don’t understand about Holby: how is it that the nurses and doctors are allowed to treat their friends and (ex-)lovers? I know it’s a soap opera, not a documentary, but it just seems so unrealistic that the staff can treat people with whom they are emotionally involved.

  8. holbybunners

    Oooh I like Lofty .. its good to have another male nurse .. However it was a shock when the boyfriend/girlfriend triangle suddenly became apparent. A bit too much in one episode I think ..

    BUT I suspect he has been brought in as a new b/f for the lovely Dom .. or “Dazzle” as his Mum calls him.

  9. Donnty

    One of the worst episodes in a long time. I agree with others that Lofty is terrible. He was uninteresting in Casualty and is even more so in Holby with his single setting acting (someone above said “puppy dog look” and I would agree but puppies are cute). I can’t see myself sitting through much more of him and really hope his tenure is extremely short lived.

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