Holby City: Familiar faces

(Series 19, ep. 32 ‘Project Aurous’ by Claire Miller) I loved Carli Norris when she was last on Holby as Fran, so it was very nice to see her back. Not so nice for Jac Naylor, though. Even though she’d promised to support Fran in that dramatic encounter on the roof, it was like one of those situations where you bump into an old acquaintance in the street, insist you really must meet up for coffee one day, and then spend the next few days hoping they won’t follow up on it. But now here was Fran, ready to call in that favour (to get Jac to help her prosecute the care home they used to live in), and with the added problem of having a super-complex heart condition that Jac was best placed to sort out. As if this wasn’t enough trouble for Holby’s snarkiest surgeon, she was also about to unleash a ground-breaking piece of research on an excited world. Hanssen had his eye on her. 

The correct thing would have been to let Matteo do the op, but Fran blackmailed Jac into doing it herself (otherwise Fran would expose how Jac didn’t do anything to help her when she was being abused in the care home). Jasmine, who was helping out on Darwin for the day, was pleased to be asked to scrub in: “It’s about time we stitched and bitched,” said Jac, though she had no such sisterly impulse on her mind. Matteo, feeling sidelined, complained to Hanssen, with the result that Jac has now been demoted and is no longer Queen of CT. This is unimaginable and when Hanssen said, in Latin, “If you want peace, prepare for war,” I suspect war is what he might get.

On Keller, a new agency nurse arrived doing that trolley-riding CPR thing that looks so dramatic. He took his woolly hat off, unleashed his lovely curly hair – and it was Lofty off of Casualty! Like Fletch, he’s been lured to the Hollywood of Hertfordshire to work in the big part of the hospital, and like Fletch it seems like he’s always been there. I liked how he bumped into Robyn off of Casualty on the stairs to ease his transition, and I liked the mention of Cal.

Lofty left Casualty under a cloud after a bit of a fatal accident situation, so naturally his confidence was a bit low. Sacha gave him the “welcome to Keller” speech and even bought some doughnuts. Since when did they ever have doughnuts, Dominic wondered. “The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole, Dr Copeland,” said Sacha.

It seemed that Lofty’s shift was going to end in disaster when he discharged a patient whose bowel was about to rupture at any second. You don’t want that happening all over the car park. “Let’s split up and search!” said Lofty. “It’s not Scooby Doo,” sighed Dominic, marvellously.

I liked this patient, Chloe (Letty Butler) and the little heart to heart she had with Lofty. It re-asserted what a caring, compassionate person he is and made him realise he really could cope with being a nurse again. “What you’re most afraid of doing is what you most need to do,” Chloe told Lofty. So he’s going to be a nurse again. What I’m most afraid of is being stranded in space like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, but I’m going to face my fears and file my NASA application immediately.

To AAU now, and patient o’ the week was Coronation Street legend Amanda Barrie. I knew as soon as she said “caravan” that her problem would be carbon monoxide poisoning, but she was really in the episode to talk sweetly about the husband she’d lost only seven months earlier and to help Fletch tease Ollie about his rather reserved approach to presenting Zosia with an engagement ring. Fletch was all for making a cheesy fuss, but Ollie ended up doing it his own low-key way by presenting Zosia with the ring in Albie’s.

And did anyone notice someone in a dinosaur costume in the background on AAU, or do I need to tweak my medication?

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11 responses to “Holby City: Familiar faces

  1. JeepsterV63

    Nope, there was a dinosaur/crocodile/green dragon in a wheelchair. I like how they are doing the crossover with staff from downstairs heading upstairs to Holby. There’s a show in there somewhere. Is it just me or does Holby feel a bit bitty re storylines atm? Feels like summer when nothing much happens because everyone is on holiday. Maybe we will get a new intake of F1’s in August and rotations ;-)) Hopefully it’s setting the ground for some gritty storylines coming up.

  2. When does your book come out and where can I get it when it does. Thanks. Sorry for all the questions

  3. HolbyNut

    Line of the season…
    “Let’s split up and search!” said Lofty. “It’s not Scooby Doo,” sighed Dominic, marvellously.
    Hilarious – made me splutter out my tea!

  4. Donnty

    I’m guessing this won’t be the last we see of Fran but will Jac really be as good as her word? It was good to see Hanssen step in and deal with Jac’s behaviour at last, was beginning to think he’d lost all backbone!

    Lofty made me want to through something at the screen. I hope we’re not going to have anymore Casualty rejects foisted on us.

  5. Collins1965

    The judgement of Jac from Hanssen seemed to come out of nowhere. Up to this he had her back at all times. Matteo’s pestilence likewise as with his glaring at Jac from the start as if he hated her when she was nothing but supportive of him last week.

    Jasmine’s reaction was understandable but she went too far and seems to have forgotten how Jac had her back when Serena was bullying her, behaviour that Hanssen swept under the carpet.

    It was all a bit odd and did not seem to follow previous storylines imo.

    I hope Jac fights this. Fran knew the risks ang gave full consent to the operation and Jac was right it was the better option.

    • Sarah

      Jac has been a bitch and acting unprofessionally for years and it was unrealistic that she would be allowed to continue as head of department whilst flouting the rules and being verbally abusive to staff and patients on a whim.

      • Collins1965

        I can see how you could feel that way but I see Jac differently. Yes she is spiky and can be rude but she always acts for the best of the patient and the department. She can be abrasive with staff but always has their back if they need her.

        She is capable of great acts of kindness but nearly always does it quietly and never looks for thanks. Yet she is attacked quite often by the same staff who throw highly personal insults at her and she takes it without blinking an eye.

        She is no angel and often makes me wince with what she says and does but she had a monster for mother who did huge damage to her self esteem. Yet she is a loving and devoted mother to Emma. I think she is awesome frankly.

  6. Amaryllis

    I totally agree with Collins1965! Jac can be incredibly hard to love; she occasionally says and does the most awful things but she had an awful childhood, her mother was a fright! (and the more I see of her and Fran the more I think that Yates got to her too) but she always put her patients needs above her own and is herself an excellent mother.
    She does have this slightly irritating habit of doing her caring in secret and therefore her colleagues can never quite work her out but she clearly does care about them, and is obviously keeping an eye on Jasmine – from a distance – not that she’d ever admit it.
    Yes she’s spiky and rather abrasive and on the whole her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. She’s not great at relationships because there are things about her she doesn’t want anyone to know, and relationships don’t work for long if you can’t be honest. Plus there is no one who really knows her, she is basically on her own. At the moment her only hope is that Emma grows up to understand her mother, loves her despite her very obvious flaws and becomes someone Jac can talk to about anything and everything!

    She’s so well written, she’s been my favourite character for years!

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